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Importance of Green Leafy Vegetables.

Importance of Green Leafy Vegetables in Food

Green leafy vegetables are full of nutrients. Including them in your daily diet isn’t just essential but it’s the necessity in the world we live in. These vegetables help us keep our body immune and healthy from within.

Benefits of Eating Green Leafy Vegetables

There is plenty of research carried throughout the globe suggesting the importance of green leafy vegetables and how including them in our food can help us stay immune and develop a healthy body to fight diseases.

Here are few interesting reasons why you must include green leafy vegetables in your diet:

Low in Cholesterol

The main reason to include a lot of green leafy vegetables in your diet is that they are low in cholesterol. Our body works through a system where the liver requires cholesterol to make bile acids that aid fat digestion. However, when the bile acids unite with the fiber present in the leafy veggies, it results in the natural extraction of these acids from the body. This forces the liver to consume more cholesterol from the body to make fresh bile acids resulting in low cholesterol levels.

Great for Eyesight

The carotenoid such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin present in green leafy veggies like Kale, Dandelion, Mustard Greens and Swiss chard help develop a filter system on the eyes to prevent the high energy light from damaging the eyesight. Hence, consuming these foods regularly can help control the risk of cataracts and improve your eyesight in the longer run.

Prominent Energy Source

Remember Popeye, the animated character who used to boost his energy by gulping a can of spinach? Although an animated cartoon, the fact that spinach boosts the energy levels is quite true. Spinach and many other green leafy veggies are rich in B Vitamins. These are essential to convert the carbs from the food into glucose. Glucose is the primary fuel to produce energy in the body. As B Vitamins are water soluble and the body can’t store it, you need to get your fair share of them daily to feel energetic and active all day.

Other Health Benefits

Besides the above benefits, consuming green leafy vegetables daily also improves the bone density. It also improves overall bone health in the body. Also, the antioxidants, flavonoid, and carotenoid present in ample amounts in these super foods help fight cancer of stomach, breast, skin, and colon

Over to you!

Well, green leafy vegetables are the smartest option to be energetic, healthy, and young all the way. If you are planning to include them in your daily diet, then make sure to eat them steamed. Many studies have now confirmed that they are more effective compared to eating raw.

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