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Tricks To Counteract Severe Period Pain.

That time of the month. And it is always compared to the worst time of the month. It’s always a hassle – in more ways than one. Each month, many tragedies come with your period, from pads to tampons to pain pills to PMS symptoms. You don’t need to suffer in silence. The fatigue, moodiness, bloated feeling — it all just sucks. But here are some things we can do to make our time with Aunt Flo a little bit more convenient and a lot less painful (literally). Let us look at Period Pain in details.

Some period hacks!

Use heat bags

The easiest way to get some comfort and relaxation is by applying heat. Simply apply the heat bag to your abdomen, and the pain will be relieved. Most women experience period cramps in their abdomen, but back pain is also very common. You can do the same for your back, just apply heat and have a sigh of relief. 

You could buy heat bags from the market directly. Along with the market options, many home remedies can come to your aid. But heat bags or patches are the fastest options.

Take pain relievers

If you search for period pain relievers, there are so many OTC options available. Now, you must be thinking, isn’t it dangerous to take such medication? It is not. Just try and go for the safer options. The best one in the market is “Meftal spas”. It is easily available and not dangerous for your health

Some exercise

This must sound very absurd to some. Because period pain is so excruciating, many women are barely able to do anything. The best thing that comes to mind during this situation is to just cosy up and watch any comfort show or read a book. But exercising is one of the natural sources of relieving period pain. It releases endorphins and distracts the body from the perception of any pain

Hydration is the key.

In addition to causing discomfort, bloating can exacerbate menstrual cramps. In spite of the fact that drinking water can seem counterintuitive, water can actually reduce bloating and alleviate some of the discomfort caused by your period. Besides increasing blood flow throughout your body, drinking hot water also relaxes your muscles. By doing so, you can lessen uterine cramps.


Periods — the gift that keeps on giving. While a period is a natural part of the female body, no one said freedom should be painful. The cramping, bloating, backache, fatigue, and upset stomach are enough to make you wonder what they thought when they made you a woman. That is, until you come across these amazing pain-relieving period hacks and think, “why didn’t anyone tell me this sooner?” So, go along with these period hacks and hopefully regain control of your life.

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