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Menopause and You

A woman starts to get a three to seven-day menstruation cycle when she hits puberty. We generally know it by the name of “Periods.” But when the woman’s menstruation cycles end once and for all, it is known as Menopause. It happens when the woman’s ovaries are not releasing eggs every month, which also means “Not getting pregnant anymore.” There are so many things that women should know about this particular aspect. But in this blog, you will learn about the symptoms and stages of menopause.

Symptoms of menopause

There are two types of symptoms: the first signs and the signs later on after menopause. Here goes, 

Starting symptoms

  • Missing periods
  • Sore breasts
  • No sound sleep
  • Mood swings
  • Dry skin, mouth, or eyes

Symptoms that arise later

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle ache and joint pain
  • Weight gain
  • Thinning hair
  • Low sex drive

Three stages of menopause

  1. Perimenopause: This stage comes first. When women are close to having low eggs, they go through this phase. It can last up-to one to two years. It is also the time when you start to feel the starting symptoms of menopause.
  2. Menopause: It is the period when you finally stop having periods anymore. 
  3. Postmenopause: This is the time that comes years after menopause, as the name states. The body doesn’t make estrogen anymore, and it also increases the risk of experiencing health risks. 

Why do you need to have knowledge about menopause? 


Having periods is no piece of cake; ask any woman; she would tell you that. So the thought of having no periods can excite women a lot. With menopause, there might come relief about one thing, but it comes with many health risks for women. That is why there is a need for proper knowledge. Here, read on for some benefits, 

  • You would know about the exact symptoms, so there will be no worries.
  • The symptoms vary from woman to woman; and will be easy to find out about it with knowledge. 
  • It helps to learn about different health risks, so it is easy to prepare for that. 
  • It becomes easy to learn about the phases and stages that are related to menopause. 

Key takeaway

Menopause is natural, and every woman is bound to experience that in their life. So, if you are going to experience it, it is better to know about it and not be stressed when you start seeing the symptoms. 

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