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Still thinking ‘What should I eat during Periods?’

Periods are no fun….! It is the most irritating and annoying time of the month for all the girls out there. Mood swings, low energy, lethargic feelings, and cramps are few of the annoying things that a woman goes through during her periods. They work daily and give their 100% for all-around 22-25 days of a month but all their patience goes down during those 5-8 days. A healthy diet is a must during these days. One of the worst symptoms is food cravings, increasing during that time of the month. Only a woman can understand how badly she yearns for a pizza/ pani-puri during or her go to craving snack, in those days. Eating foodstuff one can feel better just for a few minutes and can affect our health badly in long term.  

1)      Leafy vegetables: 

Green leafy vegetables are the best food to be eating during periods.  They are rich in iron and eating them helps to recover the blood that is lost during menstruation.

2)      Nuts and seeds: 

Nuts and seeds have a good amount of magnesium and so prevents bloating.

3)      Chocolates: 

Eating dark chocolates increases serotonin levels which reduces fatigue and depression.

4)      Food rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids:  

Salmon, walnuts, and avocados are rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids and help in relaxing muscles.  Salmon is considered as the best food to avoid menstrual cramps and crankiness.

5)      Water:  

Water is not food but it is one of the important parts of our diet.  It prevents us from bloating and migraines.

6)      Legumes:

 Legumes help during digestion and are responsible for removing toxins from our body but these should not be consumed too much.

7)      Wholegrain:

 Whole grains are rich sources of magnesium and help to reduce muscle tension, fatigue, and depression.

8)      Ginger based water or chamomile tea: 

Ginger water/ chamomile tea helps to balance stomach problems.

9)      Vitamin C rich foods: 

Eating vitamin C-rich food helps to reduce muscle pain and stomach aches.

10)   Yogurt and Bananas (Calcium-rich food):  

Yogurt and bananas are rich in calcium and help to relax muscles, improves digestion and regulates bowel movements.  Banana is called as a happy fruit because it boots mood.

11)   Vitamin E rich foods: 

Eating Vitamin E rich food can help us to reduce PMS Symptoms.

12)   Berries: 

 Eating blueberries and blackberries can help to fight uterus cramps. They help to balance hormonal changes because they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

13)   Fiber-rich food: 

Eating fiber-rich foods such as almonds, oranges, chia seeds, apples, beans, etc can help to keep the digestive system on track.

14)   Vitamin D rich foods: 

Having low levels of vitamin D can cause irregular periods.  It helps in boosting energy levels, mood and fights insomnia.  Egg yolks and milk can be taken in the diet.

15)   Vitamin B12 rich food:

Food rich in Vitamin B12 gives relief from muscle cramps and stomach aches.

Foods to eat when in Periods

These are some food items which reduce period cramps. These foods can provide our body with the nutrients that are needed. Do you have any positive additions to this important topic. Do write in the comment section below and contribute to all our readers.

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21 thoughts on “Still thinking ‘What should I eat during Periods?’

  1. Nice job Utpal! You have clearly done a lot of research on this topic. I haven’t honestly changed my diet ever when I’m on my period, but next time I’ll be more aware.

  2. Its so refreshing to see a man article on periods, kudos Sirji yes we need to change lifestyle as it directly proportional to our healthy lifestyle and moodswings

  3. A very very vital post, I have found it really useful and bookmarked it as a reminder in those days. Hats off to you for writing this post and getting everything perfect!

  4. Oh this is such a helpful post. I would say need of the hour of late I was feeling extremely weak during periods. I am going to tweak these super foods into my diet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow…i jumped up with joy reading the title of article..loved it to core and ill try to include these food items as i get bad cramps

  6. This is such an informative post..Chocolates are always loved one item during bad cramps for many…Thanks for sharing

  7. Honestly I never changed my diet during periods. It always been usual food and fruits. But I am glad some of the food items have been a part of my diet.

  8. This is very useful information. I guess most women do not pay much attention to their diets during their periods, so this is something really of value.

  9. Thats a very useful and informative tips and information for all the females in their periods.

  10. I have always wondered what to eat during periods.. Because I always feel bloated … This is indeed very helpful! Will try eating leafy veggies and chocolates!

  11. I love eating a chocolate or two during my periods. It uplifts my mood. And although coffee isn’t great during this time but I like to have it.

  12. I believe every women should know these foods to be consumed during periods. Having nuts and foods rich in vitamin C is something I do always.

  13. Agree extra care needed during periods. I eat some of them from the list especially chocolates. Would try Yogurt and bananas next time

  14. This is a nice and useful post for women. I have been taking care on my diet, specially during my periods so that I avoid pains and cramps.

  15. This is a fantastic post!! Very helpful..thank you for sharing. I didn’t know that there are foods we can have that would help during this time.

  16. Thanks for bringing up this topic. It has mood swing, depression, low energy level and so many things. Since I am working so I cant even think for a day without work. Still I eat chocolates, I drink so much water during this time.

  17. Kudos to you on your research. My mom always made sure i eat healthy during Periods. And who can miss a chocolate and some ice cream during that time.

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