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The most practical shopping tips to buy sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses is one fashion accessory that can dramatically raise your style quotient. However, people buy shades simply because they look good. Please know that when you are putting your hard earned money into something, it calls for certain basic things to know about the product you intend to buy.So, knowing about a trick or two while buying your next pair of sunglasses, would not hurt! Read on below to know about some practical tips.. 

UV Protection

Living in a country like India comes with a free package to exposure to a lot of UV radiation.

  • Go for lenses that offer 99 to 100 percent protection against UV rays. Look for brands that offer absorbing the UV rays in the wavelength band of 400 nm.

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Quality of lenses and polarization

You can ensure that you are buying lenses with good optical quality by performing a simple test, which is as follows..

  • Cover one eye with your palm and with the other eye observe a straight line through your sunglasses, while moving your sunshades, right to left or to and fro. If you see, the line wiggling then the optics of your sun shade lenses are not good enough.This is important because you might require to wear your pair while driving or perhaps reading while you are outside under the bright sun. If the quality of lenses is not good and they do not have polarization, you might feel the glare from the lights of vehicles driving in from the opposite direction, which might seem a bit overpowering.

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Resistance to sudden impact

While even the best lenses can break when dropped accidentally, there are certain standards that good makers follow which prevent the lenses from being too fragile. Poly carbonate plastics are a preferable material for lenses since they are somewhat less prone to breakage. It is even better if your lenses have a scratch resistant coating.

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Color of Lenses

The bright shades which have a metallic sheen and reflective lenses look great on fair skin types. Those with duskier tones of skin should stay away from anything that stands out in a shocking contrast, Go for softer hues of Brown, Black, Grey or Light Vines while choosing your lenses. 

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Budget and Brands

This is totally up to you. If your pocket allows, go for luxury brands like Armani and Louis Vitton, if you shall rather be saving some bucks, other brands like Fastrack, Oakley, Tommy Hilfiger etc offer some good options, too. If you wish, you can go for replicas too. Many dealers offer first copies which look as good as the real thing.

So, these were some pointers that you should keep in mind the next time you go buy a new pair of sunshades for yourself.

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23 thoughts on “The most practical shopping tips to buy sunglasses

  1. Very useful tips for when you are investing in a good pair of sunglasses. Honestly though, the only thing I take into account while buying sunglasses is how they look on my face!

  2. Such a informative post, I never buyed looking at this aspect, I love aviator from RayBan as they suit my face

  3. Informative post with some good tips. I like the mettalic sheen and reflective ones , looks too good and stylish

  4. Very very informative & useful post for person like me, who still don’t have idea to choose perfect sunglasses for self. Surely going to keep in mind all the information you mention

  5. I love sunglasses but can never find the perfect one for me. These are some truly helpful tips to shop the perfect sunglasses. I was not much aware of the color of lenses, this is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I never thought ifthese point…thanks for sharing …kniw when ill visit a store to buy gogles ill surely chk ur blog

  7. I used to choose my sunglasses only if it goes perfect with my face . But this post has made me clear that how many mistakes i had already done

  8. You have really listed great points while shopping for Sunglasses ..I prefer to buy the one which suits my face

  9. Good to learn about the simple test that can help us pick the right sunglasses. All this while I just went by the looks and brand.

  10. Of late I am liking sunglasses with metallic shades. They look cool and are trending. But mostly I prefer blacks and browns.

  11. Generally, people go just by looks and styling when buying sunglasses. But there is really so much more to it. Polarisation and UV protection are of the utmost importance.

  12. I am a big fan of sunglasses and have many. I will remember your tips while buying sunglasess next time

  13. Those are some amazing tips! I didn’t know we can check the quality of lens by checking if the view wiggles! Very helpful guide!

  14. I usually check out for right UV protection and polarization of lenses while choosing the sunglasses. That’s a good post helping us choose the right sunglasses.

  15. I usually check out for right UV protection and polarization of lenses while choosing the sunglasses. That’s a good post helping us choose the right sunglasses…

  16. that’s very helpful tips to keep in mind while buying sunglasses. Agree We should look out for sunglasses that provide protection from UV radiation

  17. Well said Uk, these are some amazing tips, I had always cared about the quality, polarisation and UV protextion. Would be more careful next time

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