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Stand-Up Comedy

Since I am in Event planning, I keep surfing the net a lot and keep looking for new opportunities and developments happening in and around my City. I was very happy to see the liveinstyle website and looking at the exponential data they have collected over such a short period of time in various cities, I was impressed. While casually surfing through their calendar for future events and also for the updates they had given in certain events, I saw the Stand up comedy drop down on their menu. I was pleasantly surprised to see this feature as a separate entity because until a few years back Comedy was not given the status it deserved in spite of it easing all tensions across. Now liveinstyle has paired up with the Comedy hunt on YouTube and I am sure new talents will be discovered and discovered talents will get a chance to establish their position. As we all know the YouTube is a powerful media now to bring talent to the forefront and make the most out of it if you have the fire in you.
All parties, including house parties or club parties have a small comic stand-up act involved in it to ease out the crowd, that allows them to laugh it out and even strangers become friends. We had some fabulous parties over the last one year and now with liveinstyle promoting Stand-up so prominently with a dedicated page having a column of “About Stand-up comedy” and various videos of the established and upcoming Stand-up comedians, I am sure in the coming years we will see it as a specialized art being taught in schools too. Though it appears very easy, it is tough to master. The art of holding the crowd together paying attention to all what you do is no ordinary man’s/women’s job.
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It takes hours of writing a perfect script (though impromptu punches are thrown in if the act starts falling) which may not be perfect after all depending where it is being presented. A slapstick comedy act may not go down well with all ages and segments while a normal comedy act may be rejected as bland or stale by the pro’s in comedy. So overall it is a tricky role to perform and a beautiful script could be ruined if the performance and timing don’t sync with the lines and vice versa. After all has been practiced and managed well after many rehearsals, then a small act of 5-15 minutes comes up which again is difficult to present in front of the live audience at Parties and it depends entirely on the mood of the people watching your show. I hope this move of promoting Stand-Up Comedy becomes a huge success.

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  1. Stand-up comedy is a good entertainment if performed well..:-) Nice article.

  2. Informative UK. Yes, stand-up comedy is fast becoming a rage. To succeed one needs enormous talent. Comedy is hard to pull off….it’s a gift you have to have.

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