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Ek Sachci Advice

It was a late summer afternoon and I had just finished visiting the Grand Maratha. Meeting the best chefs in Industry and sharing with them the same Pan to cook in itself is an honour. I had just rubbed shoulders with some of the “Baaps” of the industry and I felt quite happy and contented. While I was on my way back from there and asked the driver to slow down at Vashi. Somewhere near the mini seashore, I decided to spend some time alone.

I went over to a bench and sat thinking.  The thought process started. I was wondering if I had achieved what I wanted in life. NO, was the answer I got immediately, but the inner voice also told me that I was happy and satisfied with what I was doing now. Moving around meeting celeb chefs and learning new culinary forms, new recipes, various spice blends, improvising the recipes for clients and at the end of the day sleeping with a peace that I did what I always wanted to do.


My mind slowly took me back to my post-college days where I was struggling with my first Job. I was happy earning money, all of us are. Somewhere I was not very happy doing the routine job and felt it was monotonous. I worked at my first company for over 4 years. My Boss who was a father figure could see that I was not giving the 100% of my heart. In spite of this, I was still the best employee of the company for 2 years. In the first year of my service itself, he noticed the difference. One fine day he called me and spoke heart to heart expecting me to open up.

I was probably waiting for this opportunity which I never got back home as my parents never really must have thought on these lines and made me do my school and college as per their perspective of looking at competitive life ahead. So I told my boss how my interest in the culinary field has been since childhood but was pursuing something else all along.

He listened patiently to me and told me what he felt. The words which he spoke then which was #SachchiAdvice and years later I realized that it made a big difference in my life. He told me simply to resign. Yes, that’s what he told me. He said Research & Development in a Factory is not what I was meant for. He asked me to look for a marketing job where first I could meet people and develop my communication skills. Along with this, he asked me to pursue my interest in the culinary science by learning the art and methodologies. He said that was the secret of rising up in the career and getting the job satisfaction too. The stairs would not be easy to climb, but once done I would be the happiest person.

Sea 2

Eventually, When I feel the time is right, I should start up something related to my interest and the experience I would have by then would help me surge ahead of others. How right he was, I realize today. I spent many years post that in the industry developing my communication and PR skills. I served in various companies at senior posts and kept my interest in the Culinary skills ON. Eventually, I was recognized as a Food blogger and here I was sitting on this bench looking back at what I had achieved and how happy I was. The silent words of Thanksgiving came out from my heart and I am sure they reached my Ex-boss wherever he was for the #SachchiAdvice he had given me.

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14 thoughts on “Ek Sachci Advice

    1. Yes Katie. Some people come in our life only to help us grow..and they are not at all related to us in blood and flesh but leave a deep impact on our entire personality.. 🙂

  1. Very well written UK..and I remember a similar situation when my dad said the same thing to his junior in a large public sector organization, he simply asked him to put in his papers and go in search of greener pastures and he followed his directions, maybe, in trepidation but the result of that shift was a phenomenal one for him in terms of success and growth!
    Glad that you took a path less trodden and the world got a good successful and satisfied individual!

  2. Good Advice! I’ve been lucky to have a few good bosses myself and kudos to you to keep your passion for food alive 🙂 What are we without our tastebuds!

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