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Pling – The new sensation

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Pling – The new Sensation

Brand Pling from GoPling is ready to take the market with style. The overall packaging and presentation has touched the hearts of the people. The color combinations used in the packs are definitely unique and attract one’s attention.

I tried three flavors and liked all of them. The first flavor which I would recommend is the Peri Peri. I personally liked it the most, amongst the three I tried.

I would then recommend the Sour Cream and Onion. All would love this one as it changes the entire Banana chips concept and gives a new dimension to the taste.


The third and the last one is the Pani Puri flavor which somehow did not appeal to me as the Banana chips getting a new face may not work always. Same thing happens with the Pani Puri flavor. So as a Foodie I dont recomend the third one.  You can decide for yourself once you try it. Some may like it.


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