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Old Age Home Diaries – The End is the Beginning

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What is Old Age Home Diaries? Ever since I have started my NGO Being The Real Human Foundation, many followers and readers have asked me to write about it. I do not want to boast about myself and the honest and dedicated work all my colleagues and volunteers do. Hence I will try to keep it short and small only from the information perspective.

Being The Real Human Foundation was formed in April 2017 after years of social service by me, my friends and my well wishers. We work for the animals all over and the environment too. While doing so we also felt that the Old are often neglected and left at the Old age homes. So we make it a point to visit the old age homes and spend quality time with the inmates there. Our aim is not just not provide medicines for them but to bring a smile on their face.

The Old Age Home Diaries

The #OldAgeHomeDiaries thus came in existence and I thought of writing a 4 post series on this. So here is the first of it where I will include some photographs to show the work we have been doing for one of the old age homes at Taloja, Navi Mumbai. This Old age home houses over 70 inmates mostly 70+ and left/deserted by their children/relatives. Everytime we go there, we see the spark and light in their eyes looking at us. They insist on us staying back for some more time, everytime. All they want is some love and attention. Some scold us for not coming every week, some cry, some are just happy seeing us.

They make it a point to emote their feelings before accepting whatever we carry for them. Our team feels happy spending time with them and I am blessed to have such a wonderful set of supporters.

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10 thoughts on “Old Age Home Diaries – The End is the Beginning

  1. The creases on their foreheads, the longing in their eyes speaks volumes UK! A pat on your back and the members of your NGO group! Suppa proud of your for such a noble undertaking!

  2. , Being human has become toughest in today’s world …hats off to u as u are spending time with the old people that’s the most important thing they want

  3. You rightly said, UK, that there’s a difference between being human and being real human. Real human understands the pain of others and tries to bring smile. And. that’s what your team is going. Great job. My best wishes are with you for the noble cause. 🙂

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