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My second Liebster

I have been writing for the past 5-6 years seriously and focus more on Lifestyle segments, though I do venture in other fields too on and off just to test my writing skills. The Liebster Award comes yet another time over the last one year, this time the nomination came from a sweet and beautiful girl and fellow blogger Manisha Sharma from Jaisalmer. Over the last one year she has evolved as a blogger posting over 100 posts which interest many of us and she has her own fan base as of now.

Liebster Award

Thank you Manisha for nominating me for this award. I am sure your good wishes will bring out the best in me even in future and I will be able to connect with more readers in the coming days.

Here are the answers to the questions asked:

  • Who is more important in life, a nice teacher or a true friend?

A: True friend. I am sure a True friend will teach you something nice.

  • Which one of these would you want in your house, a fantastic gym, a library or a big beautiful garden?

A: I believe a beautiful garden where I could do my morning workouts and then pen down my thoughts in a creative way sitting down on the greenery.

  • Are you a better writer or a reader?

A: Writer.

  • Which genre do you prefer to write?

A: Lifestyle

  • Who is your favorite author and poet?

A: It’s a long list.. J

  • Is blogging your hobby or passion?

A: Hobby

  • Traveling to your dream destination, First edition (autographed by the writer) of your favorite writer’s book or a chance to spend 24 hours with Amitabh Bachchan; which one would you choose.

A: Favorite writer’s book. Amitabh can wait.. J

  • Whose criticism would you prefer on your writing style, your family’s or your reader’s (these both like you as a writer)?

A: Readers, as they are not biased.

  • What are your likes and dislikes in my blog?

A:I love your poetry. So a big LIKE there.. I expect a bit more in the posts you write. I often feel they are small and abrupt to end. Want to see the writer side of you more in future works. So a small Dislike there.

  • What do you think life is; a novel or a poem?

A: Life is a Poem.

I nominate the following bloggers

Pamela Mukherjee : https://everycornerofworld.wordpress.com/

Arti: http://www.myyatradiary.com/

Alok Singhal : https://singhalalok.wordpress.com/

Hema: http://hemas-mixedbag.blogspot.in/

Nora M: http://treatntrick.blogspot.in/

Hafeez: http://bangalurubeauty.blogspot.in/

Pooja Khanna: http://2blissofbaking.com/

Shoma Abhyankar: http://astonishingindia.net/

Remya Sean: http://remyasean.blogspot.in/

Anjali Sengar: https://www.indiblogger.in/anjalisengar

Congratulations, you 10 feature in my List this time..:)

The questions for you guys are:

1. Which ONE of your Blog post till date is closest to your heart?

2. Do you like criticism of your work along with appreciation?

3. What is Blogging according to you?

4. What or who has inspired you lately?

5.  What do you like in my Blog posts?

6. Is it easy to Forgive or easy to Forget?

7. One think you regret having not done yet?

8. What is your Kick to get in the creative mode?

9. Are you happy wit the work you did this year?

10. What are your blogging new year resolutions?

Uttpal K

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10 thoughts on “My second Liebster

  1. I really liked all of your answers just as I really like your blog.. 🙂 As for the dislikes you pointed out, I will make sure to work on them.. 🙂

    1. Hey Manisha, its actually not a dislike. I would love to read more of what you write and so felt you should write more elaborately.. You are good in writing.. 🙂

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