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Murder of a good concept – SHAMITABH

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When R Balki will think of making a movie with his heart he will re-create the magic of the movie Paa. As of now the director seems over-impressed with casting superstars and giving them an upper hand in directing scenes. The film according to me would have been a block buster had it not been Balki’s loose handling of the entire script. The whole idea of Amitabh giving a voice over to Dhanush failed and I did not find it entertaining. Fact that Amitabh nowadays speaks dialogues only he can hear (pure murmuring to the point of creating sinful irritation)also goes against the film. The aura of the superstar is such that Balki could not direct him rightly and point out his murmuring, neither did he take efforts to sit with the editing team when the film was getting the final touches. Akshara I would praise for the sincere debut effort and not getting bogged down by the fact of working with two superstars in the first film. Great effort and commendable.  Dhanush does his best in the first half but fails to impress in the second half as an arrogant actor who has tasted too much success in too short a time. He appears too soft and timid.       Its better to not talk about Amitabh in this film, don’t want his fans to feel bad.  Highly disappointing is what I can say. Music by llaiyaraaja is great and some very nice cinematographic pieces are seen in the movie. The last scene of the accident is seen as coming where both Amitabh and Dhanush enjoy the Bhabhi o Bhabhi jingle. It is stretched too far and anyone can anticipate that they will meet with an accident. It could have been made a surprise element had it been shortened. Anyways, the collections of the movie are not so good keeping in mind the stalwarts who are in the film. Guess the producers too were aware of this and so all chipped in so that incase the film would bomb, the losses would be less. I would rate this movie at 2.5/5.0

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10 thoughts on “Murder of a good concept – SHAMITABH

  1. Ok now Amitabh Bachhan was an entertainer all his life, look at his movies back then acting requirements then were less and he never rather no hero then had to wear various caps so that habit is hard to break. Liked your honest review

    1. Yes Datta, we were so impressed with his dance in “Saara Zamaana, haseeno ka deewana” its now we realize how foolish we were… :p

  2. I somehow liked the different concept of the movie. But I have to agree. Amitabh’s voice for Dhanush did seem wrong. Is there no other way out of problem except death? 🙁

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