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Unconditional Love..

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It took me about 12 days to convince myself that I really needed to go back there and cut the flab I had put on. Excess weight of 5kgs.!!! Once that was done, the next thing was to pull the mass out of the bed early morning for the training’s which is the most difficult Hurdle when you restart. I was in the same state as a person who wanted to start workouts in life. Had it not been Valentine’s love round the corner, I would not have even tried.

Since I am strong mentally, I chose a Saturday to join back and managed to hit the Gym at 7am sharp. I woke up at about 6am (It’s necessary to get up an hour early) and had a nice hot shower, which relaxed my body and at the same time woke me up completely.:) Had 4 slices of brown bread and with Half cup milk (milk takes time to digest so don’t have too much)

Walked down to the Gym so that you get in the mood of workouts (avoided taking a car / bike on the first day as it would bring the lethargy to the Gym). Also, I ensured that the walk is brisk and not a stroll. Once in the Gym, the music and the atmosphere you get in the groove and one tends to speed up his/her normal activities. Avoid getting hyperactive and focus on what you have come to do (people often look at the better shapes in the gym and try imitating them) Please do not follow someone else’s exercise regime. He/she may be doing it for donkeys years now and so is doing it easily. Besides keeping telling yourself every 5 minutes that you have come back after a long break.:)

Did the regular stretching for neck (very important) and arms swing. Started with a 20 minutes cardio on a Treadmill. 4 drills of 5 mins each or 2 drills of 10 mins if you can keep up the stamina (one loses stamina faster when away from Gym for over a month) Every drill will have a 3 minute slow run with no incline, 1 minute on medium run with 3/6 incline and then 1 minute of heavy run with no incline. After the Treadmill is done, relax for a minute, have a small sip of water.

Cooled down for 5 minutes. After every drill had a small sip of water to replenish the lost water from the Body. Don’t rest more than a minute between 2 Drills. Change your gym shoes and walk back home (this should be a stroll and not a brisk walk). Run for a shower exactly 30 minutes after you did your last Drill.:) Had a Glass full of water only after 60 minutes of the last drill. I did this for about a fortnight and I was fairly ready for the Valentine day.

I was pleasantly surprised to see some nice pics of mine in the gym post workout and some magnificent ones post shower when I was admiring myself. I later realized that my girlfriend had gotten the latest ASUS ZENFONE with which she had clicked my snaps. Now I knew why the advanced 13 MP camera with a 6 Inch display showed what other phones did not. It has a long battery life so I need not bother to worry about recharging twice a day. We can easily switch between apps because of the Atom processor with a hyper threading technology, which allows running 4 threads at a time making browsing a better experience. The zenfone processor can handle multitasking very well and calling becomes much effortless, even on a dual SIM support. It also comes with attractive casing or a bumper as its popularly called which ensure no damage comes to the phone body. Overall the best phone in its class. I was so glad to get it as a valentine gift. Truly #unconditional love

This post has been written for a new Happy Hour on INDIBLOGGER for us courtesy ASUS for its fabulous Zenfone.


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