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Befikar Umar Bhar

I was wondering what I would do without IDBI Federal Life Insurance company Ltd. Since they had promised me a life #BefikarUmarBhar, I had ample time to sit ad jot down what I would do with so much money saved. This is what I thought finally I would do.

I would first take my family for a 2 month world tour. This would not only give us a chance to bond together much stronger, but also allow us to enjoy our life to the brim seeing various tourist spots and the seven wonders of the world, which we had deprived ourselves of because of financial constraints and worry about saving and securing our future.

I would then secondly ensure that I send my son to the best school which he always wanted to go, but I had avoided sending him to due to the fear of the higher fees amount. With the #BefikarUmarBhar now coming in my life, I would definitely afford his education and that to what he wished. All my life I would live with my head held up high that I could provide my son with the best education in the country without worrying about the money involved.

I would thirdly make a plan for a bigger house in my native place and with #BefikarUmarBhar I would definitely not mind going and stay there for some time of my life as my running to earn would not be till retirement. I would be at peace and a happy person always wants to go and stay at his native place enjoying the scenic beauty and the nature. My native place calls me and I look forward to go to it as often as I can once my life is streamlined.

The fourth point which I have on my Bucket list is the renovation of my current house which I had not taken for renovation with the fear of the cost involved. But with #BefikarUmarBhar, I am surely going to get a lot of cash disposal at my hand and what else and what better way to use that extra cash would it be than to use it for your own house. My wife had a dream to make her house her way which I had not paid attention to again due to the financial condition. Now I knew I would be able to give her a free hand to do the house her way and see the satisfaction on her face after finally being able to do her house her way.

Finally, I would want to do some charity which has been my dream since childhood. Now with #BefikarUmarBhar I would dedicate some quality time to spend with the underprivileged and make sure I pay back the society what it gave me over the last so many years. I would take part in all possible social activities for the betterment of the society and for the upliftment of the poor in our country. Having said that I would personally be a happy and satisfied man if I am able to fulfill the Top 5 dreams in my Bucket list. I would really be thankful to IDBI Federal Life insurance Co Ltd for making the dreams of thousands of people like me come true and giving many more a chance to dream.

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