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What is this Datsun redi-GO?
As they say rightly, it is Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.
This seems like the most economical and Fun filled car of its era. A little of all and all the little needed by every Individual who loves cars and expects all the features to be in his!
The Datsun Datsun redi-GO hatchback will be launched in India on June 7, 2016. The company has already started dispatching the vehicle to the dealers across India. The company has also stated that the car will come in 5 color options White, Ruby Red, Silver, Lime and Bronze Gray. Isnt that exciting? It will give a tough run for its money to the likes of Alto, Hyundai Eon and the Renault Kwid.

Ready to find out why I love the new Datsun redi-GO? Come with me to find out πŸ™‚

REASON 1: What does an average India look at when buying a car? Please let us be honest, this time..Yes! Its the price and specs together. Money matters and it matters the most to Indians. Datsun Datsun redi-GO offers you the luxury, style and comfort of some of the expensive cars in your budget. Here goes:

Model Ex-Showroom Price
Datsun Datsun redi-GO D INR 2.50 Lakhs
Datsun Datsun redi-GO A INR 2.95 Lakhs
Datsun Datsun redi-GO A EPS INR 3.30 Lakhs
Datsun Datsun redi-GO T INR 3.45 Lakhs
Datsun Datsun redi-GO T Option INR 3.90 Lakhs

Datsun Datsun redi-GO Engine Specs-
Engine 0.8 L, Three Cylinder Petrol
Maximum Power 54 PS
Peak Torque 72 Nm
Transmission 5-speed Manual
Ground Clearance 185

The Datsun Datsun redi-GO appears shorter, but is actually taller than the Kwid. The wheels are placed at the absolute edge of the bodywork. The tall stance results in an airy cabin that is spacious enough for 4 passengers.

REASON 2: Mileage. If one gets this as desired, then its the icing on the cake (on the car too!) πŸ˜€
The Datsun Datsun redi-GO India spec model is fantastic when it comes to fuel mileage. Please note that just like the Kwid, the Datsun Datsun redi-GO returns an impressive fuel mileage of 25.17 km/l. Since it shares its engine and transmission options with the Kwid, it will be powered by the 0.8 L petrol engine that churns out 54 PS and 72 Nm. The upcoming models could also go on sale with LPG and CNG variants in the near future.
Datsun Datsun redi-GO Mileage
Datsun Datsun redi-GO 0.8-litre Petrol
City 20 kpl
Highway 25 kpl
ARAI 25.17 kpl

REASON 3: Interiors. Classy
The interiors of the redi-GO is distinct and also flamboyant. It has an unconventional-styled dashboard that stands out. However, the redi-GO gets a covered glove compartment & stylish fancy Speedo console. The space available is awesome and 4 full grown adults can sit comfortably in the car, much spacious that the likes of the Maruti Alto. The boot space seems generous and considerably more than what Alto offers. Datsun has used light shades for the interior making the cabin feel bigger and roomier. The new Nissan Datsun redi-GO is a small car which can hold a trump card because of the stylish exterior and spacious interior.
Let us hop on to this Datsun Datsun redi-GO and experience the pleasure of urban drive !!

Should I buy one? Where would I Test it? What would I Test it for?

I would definitely buy one for myself looking at the price alone. I would Test it in my own city, Navi Mumbai which is always crowded off late and see how it is, when it comes to maneuvering. I would test it for its control, small turning radius and its force absorbing bolster support seats when on a bumpy road.

If you are a first-time buyer, who is thinking of upgrading to a car from a scooter or bike, the Datsun Datsun redi-GO offers a lot of value. Even if you’re looking for a second car in your garage, the Datsun redi-GO makes for a sweet city-runabout. It is THE car to take the scratches, bruises and abuse of our choked urban roads, while your primary vehicle can relax for longer trips with the family.

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