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Lockdown trends to control high Blood Pressure

Hospitals have closed down OPDs in light of the coronavirus pandemic to stop the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, people suffering from high Blood Pressure are struggling to maintain the right reading. Also, people suffering from this health issue or any other underlying health condition are at high risk of contracting the virus. So, it becomes crucial to bring your BP reading back to track by staying healthy. But in the absence of proper guidance, how to do that?

Here’s everything you need to do to maintain your BP.

Keep an eye on Blood Pressure Reading

Certain lifestyle habits trigger your blood pressure. By keeping track of your Blood pressure reading, you can figure out the exact problem that causes the maximum deviation from the normal. After knowing the triggers better, you can make the lifestyle changes accordingly and put the check on fluctuations. If you succeed to manage it on your own, it will also give you a sense of control and confidence to continue further.

Eat balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet free of processed food is a doorway to reach a healthy life. During the lockdown, when we have very little or nothing to do, we gravitate towards snacks more. Snacking after every 3-4 hours is natural, but make sure you are not into an unhealthy snacking habit. Include cherries, berries, fruits, nuts, salad, green leafy vegetables into your snacks.  Drink plenty of water, coconut water and green tea to satisfy the fluid intake. Eat fermented food like yogurt and pickle to maintain your gut health. Cut out salt and sugar intake.

Maintain a Healthy BMI(Body Mass Index)

We can’t stress enough about the need for managing a healthy weight. A healthy weight is a result of a balanced diet accompanied by exercise. Make it a point to add aerobic and strength training into your routine. Exercise for forty minutes daily; you can take a day off every week if you want, but don’t become a couch potato and keep moving. Also, sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. All these techniques together help a lot in maintaining a healthy weight.

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