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Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss

Detoxification diets are very popular these days because they positively affect your health in more than one ways. Any detox diet when followed strictly keeping all the rules in mind are capable of bestowing benefits such as: giving your body a renewed ability to regenerate and repair all the wear and tear, reset your metabolism and also trigger the weight loss mechanisms.

The idea of the Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss, which is also known as the Master cleanse diet has been around for roughly around 50 years now but it gained huge popularity after the pop singer announced about this particular diet she followed for nearly two weeks in order to flush out all the toxins from her system. As a secondary effect, she lost nearly 9 kgs in a very short span of just 2 weeks.

Precautions before getting started with Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss

  • However, no fad diet is to followed blindly by one and all. You should always consult your dietician and your physician for a health check-up prior to starting such a strict dieting programme like Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss. This is particularly important if, you are suffering from certain metabolic conditions like: diabetes.
  • Even those with frequent fluctuations in blood pressure levels have to be careful regarding Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss as, this diet would require you to consume salty water to stimulate your bowel.
  • After you have taken due consent from your doctor and are not suffering from any medical conditions, you can go ahead with the Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss

Preparing your body for the Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss

  • For nearly, three to four days before you start the full fledged,Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss, you need to prepare your body for it. No sort of refined sugars, processed food, alcohol, tea or coffee is to be consumed during these three days. You can have wholegrain breads, Brown Rice, Fruit fruit and vegetable salads and Orange juice.As you progress towards your diet plan, the whole grains and salads have to be slowly eliminated and you would only consume Orange juice, as far as possible.
  • For an average person, the proper Lemon-Detox-Master cleanse diet should last up to two to three days, unless you have extraordinary willpower, of course. During these two or three days, you only need to drink Lemonade to which Cayenne pepper and Pure Maple syrup has been added, whenever you feel hungry throughout the day.

  • In the evenings, you need to drink salty water that comprises of unrefined salt. Drinking this salt water flush triggers a bowel movement within 30 to 60 minutes of drinking it. You will purge out all the toxins that have accumulated in your body over a span of time.


To reduce the possible side effects of Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss, it is advisable that you take a break from work. Hunger-pangs, fatigue, lightheadedness are common side-effects of the Lemon detox-master cleanse diet.


After completing two days of Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss, you can start sipping onto Orange juice with maple syrup for a day. The following day, you are allowed to consume salads and on the third day, you can even start your breads. Fourth day onwards, it is okay to return to normal diet barring the refined sugars, saturated fats and substances of abuse.

Benefits of the Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss

  • Weight loss
  • Beautiful looking skin that glows from within
  • Cleanse system that is devoid of toxins
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage
  • Metabolism resets to normal
  • Lemons are rich sources of antioxidants that have free radical fighting and anti-ageing effects.

So, this was all about the Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss. Have you ever tried this diet plan?

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6 thoughts on “Lemon detox Master Cleanse diet for weight loss

  1. I have done this for two days ..but third day i just lose it ..so i kind of stopped doing it ..but its a proven technique to body cleanse

  2. Oh god! It seems like an extreme diet if done for a longer than a day. Requires a lot of will power to survive only on lemon water. I think I could stick to only a day of cleansing. Thanks for throwing light on the lemon detox master cleanse diet. An informative post!

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