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Eat a heavy Breakfast if you want to lose weight

How eating heavy breakfast can help you lose weight?

Despite being the most important meal of the day, breakfast is the most ignored meal when compared with lunch or dinner. The new concept of brunch is the ideal proof of that. May be, that’s because of the lack of time as the women are no longer housewives anymore and the husbands are not that great in the kitchen. Also, stress and getting to the workplace on time plays an essential role as well. As you are always in a hurry to catch the train or bus, you either skip breakfast or eating something light. Well, what if we tell you that eating a heavy breakfast can help you lose weight!

Yes, that’s true. Have you heard the popular quote that says, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper”?

The quote itself reflects on to the basic fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should be the heaviest meal without any doubt.

But, how does heavy breakfast help lose weight?

When we say heavy breakfast, we don’t mean something with huge calorie counts or fat content. An ideal heavy breakfast will be a fine mix of a lot of proteins and a good amount of carbs.

Both these macronutrients are necessary to your body to remain healthy and active throughout the day. The energy that you receive by eating a healthy and heavy breakfast keeps you full for the whole day.

While the carbs are just to boost the energy levels right from the beginning of the day itself, protein has much greater effect on weight loss.

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Proteins in the body burn more calories during the metabolic process when compared with fats or carbs. Eating a high-protein breakfast also keeps you fuller and eliminates any unnecessary snacking or hunger cravings between meals.

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In short, eating a high-protein breakfast will help reduce the calorie intake throughout the day, hence aiding you to lose weight in a healthy way.

Importance of High-Protein Breakfast

Two studies on obese patients showed that dietary protein consumption helps reduce the belly fat. In one of the study, some Chinese teens were asked to eat the egg-based meal as breakfast instead of the grain-based ones. The results after three months showed healthy reduction in their weight.

Another study divided a people indulged in a weight loss program into two groups. One group received egg breakfast while the other consumed bagels as breakfast. Both the groups were given the exact same calories.

After two months, the study found interesting results as the group that had egg breakfast showed 65% more weight loss with 34% reduction in the belly fat compared to the group that had bagels.

Besides the two, there has been a lot of research around the globe assessing the importance of breakfast meal and the role protein plays in it.

What can you eat for Breakfast?

Well, we are confident that you have understood the importance of the morning breakfast meal. Make sure to opt for a high-protein breakfast for better and effective results during your weight loss regime.

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You can always try scrambled eggs or omelets for breakfast. If you are fine with eggs, they are the best source of protein. If not, then you can also opt for Greek yogurt or stir-fried tofu in the morning. Many workout enthusiasts opt for sprouted pulses with some seasoning on the top for breakfast.

Choose the one you like and begin your day fresh with some high-protein breakfast.

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8 thoughts on “Eat a heavy Breakfast if you want to lose weight

  1. I am always hungry at the breakfast time. And yes, I eat like a king during this time. I try to follow this diet rule except when I just binge on anything as snacks during the day.

    1. That can be avoided Geethica. Chop some fresh cabbage and cucumber every morning. Some black pepper and salt does good. Eat that as snacks in between meals. This saves those extra calories which we put on otherwise.

  2. Eggs is something that I have made it a part of our diet, but do suggest some veg options too as my kid’s school has a no egg policy. I give paneer, but any more suggestions?

  3. a heavy balanced breakfast is bes for kick starting body’s metabolism. We should be thankful for health and food. Thanks for linking up with #ThankfulThursday

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