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7 Simple Home Remedies to Reduce Belly Fat

Reduce Belly Fat

No matter how lean and fit you are, if there’s even an inch or two fat under your belly, it becomes a huge concern. Having a flat tummy is the primary goal for most fitness enthusiasts, especially girls and it is also considered the most difficult shape to achieve.

Well, with proper planning and workout schedule, you can easily achieve a flat tummy but it can be achieved faster if you follow these simple home remedies.

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Natural Methods to Reduce Belly Fat

While you can get the desired shape by spending hours in the gym, a few natural habits can be helpful in tightening the core and reducing that belly fat.

Try out these simple home remedies that can actually help get rid of the extra layers of fat under your belly.

Start your day with Lemon and Honey

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Good metabolism rate is the key to stop the accumulation of unhealthy fat in the body. Well, starting your day with some warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey can boost your metabolism rate for the day.

Avoid sugary foods totally

Sugary foods have no nutritional value. They are simply empty carbs that get piled up in the body resulting in unnecessary fat and cholesterol. It is in your best interest to stay away from sugary foods.

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day

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Drinking a good amount of water every day keeps your body hydrated and full all the time. It can eliminate the irregular hunger cravings and keeps you from snacking unnecessarily all the time.

Stop eating refined white rice

If you are a rice person, then it’s time to quit the habit. Replace it with whole wheat based products such as brown bread or try oats and quinoa for a change. These are healthy alternatives to rice and could help reduce the belly fat quite naturally. You can also go for brown rice if you can’t ditch your favourite food.

Add a lot of fruits and veggies in your diet

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Often times, we rely a lot on grains and pulses but least on fruits and vegetables. It’s important to include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet as these healthy foods are the essential source of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. It is recommended to go for salads if you feel hunger cravings in between meals.

Stay away from non-vegetarian dishes

Unless and until, you are bodybuilding, stay away from non-vegetarian dishes. Non-veg dishes contain a lot of protein. This helps in muscle building but it also contains a lot of calories. These act as fuel during workouts. If you are looking for a lean and trim figure, we would recommend staying away from non-vegetarian dishes for a while and see the results for yourself.

Add a lot of healthy herbs and spices in your cooking

Herbs and spices can offer that necessary punch to your dish. Adding them won’t just enhance the flavour but also improve the health factor of your dish. Spices and herbs are also considered great fat burning foods. Adding them in your regular cooking will easily help reduce the belly fat.

That’s it.

These simple home remedies will only work if you lead a healthy lifestyle. Dieting or cutting down on healthy food to an extreme level can only make things worse. Also, add regular workouts in your daily routine for effective results.

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44 thoughts on “7 Simple Home Remedies to Reduce Belly Fat

  1. We practice a mostly vegetarian lifestyle. I start every day with a fruit smoothie. I do not eat wheat products often and prefer quinoa and brown rice.
    These are all good health tips. Exercise is also good for reducing weight.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tips!!! I feel exercising and practicing these tips would help in reduction of belly fat …I avoided eating rice for a month and it helped me in reducing belly fat!!

  3. Hahaha .. This Post is going to get you the maximum no. of hits across blog 🙂 .. Everyone have those extra abs on wrong side of body .. Need to work on them

  4. I can do everything else, but sigh, rice beckons me! Although, I don’t have it more than thrice a week.
    These are simple and workable remedies, UK. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I follow a few tips from here regularly like drinking warm water with lemon and honey and consuming fruits and veggies. But I have heard mixed reviews about brown breads and brown rice. In spite of regular exercise, reducing belly fat is just so challenging once you are in your 40s. 😉
    Nice blog this.

    1. Yes. Thats a fact unfortunately. Belly fat takes the longest time to be cut down. I am sure you will keep doing the hard work and get over with it soon. Thank you so much for dropping by. Looking forward to more of your visits, more often hereon.

  6. I do follow some of the things, but not all. 🙂 Some can’t be avoided, sadly. Thankfully, I do exercise to balance that. Very useful and valid tips. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the easy tips. will surely tell my husband about these. Btw, do let me know if you a post on putting on weight too, I need to do this. 🙂

    1. Yes Sure, Very soon I would be doing that. Weight gain though appears lot simpler has to be done carefully as it has longer lasting effects even after stopping the diet(if not recommended by a nutritionist)
      Do drop in more often..:)

    1. Yes of course…dont over do with the protein and fat Intake. Consult a certified nutritionist on the exact amount of supplements your body needs depending on your workout and take only that much which your body will burn during weightlifting. Start brisk walking daily to burn down excess carbs.. Do come back for more posts.. 🙂

  8. Except avoiding white rice, I follow all other tips. Nothing works sadly . Hope I can be more strict with your tips and lose some belly fat 🙂

  9. I’m grateful to you, UK for this timely helpful post. We try to follow almost all in your list, but we lack in consistency. so we have to work on it and get a flat tummy soon. Happy to join with you for #MyFriendAlexa !!!

  10. good tips – i will incorporate those i am currently not following already. hopefully if i follow everything, i will reduce too 🙂

  11. These are some simple, easy to follow tips… You’re so right about spices, while they help in adding flavor to our food, their health benefits a plenty as well

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