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Lakshadweep Cuisine – Enjoy Amazing Delicacies.


Lakshadweep is a cluster of small islands located near the western coast of India in the Arabian Sea. Being an island, the place has often been a home to traders, the tourists, and, of course, the locals. This is why you can find a wide and diverse variety of food options when you are visiting these islands.

The main attraction of these islands is the exotic vegetation locally grown here. The wide range of vegetarian foods is cooked using spices mostly from Kerala. Being surrounded by the sea, seafood is widely available and a diverse variety of seafood delicacies are cooked here. You can find all kinds of seafood delicacies ranging from tuna to crab at Lakshadweep. It is often said that whenever you visit this exotic island, you must try both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian food served in the original settings of the islands to understand and explore their culture.

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Types of Foods in Lakshadweep

Besides the vegetables and seafood, people living here are also very fond of rice. This is because it is available in plenty, thanks to the influence of mainland Malabar. The authentic style of cooking on these islands relies heavily on coconut and rice. Mainly during the festivities or celebration, the feast cooked includes these two main ingredients.

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All the dishes prepared here, whether sweet or savory, uses a pinch or more of the Malabar spices. Coconut milk is mainly used as the base for most curries. This includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. Here rice forms the basic medium or constituent with these exotic dishes. Sometimes, bread or wheat-based naans, rotis, etc. are also served to replace the rice but mostly rice is preferred.

Rice paste is the most common ingredient in almost every dish. This includes the preparations of delicacies such as idlis, dosas, and other such breakfast dishes served in the islands. The same dishes are served after adding some exotic garnishing and presentation at the best restaurants within the islands.

Sea Food in Lakshadweep

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Sea food here is somewhat different from other parts of India. Well, here you will be served almost everything from seaweed to crab. The best part of Lakshadweep cuisine is that you get the taste of both worlds. Some dishes are cooked using traditional methods of steaming and roasting. Some delicacies are cooked using modern day practices such as frying, boiling, basting, and sautéing. To justify the flavor of every ingredient present in the dish, people of Lakshadweep also add spices to perfection.

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What to eat in Lakshadweep

The really complex question that most of the tourists visiting Lakshadweep face is the food option. You can savor yourself with a wide range of continental, Korean, and Thai foods. All thanks to the number of tourists flocking across the globe to the islands. There are also different Indian based dishes cooked in local style and served in Lakshadweep. Your best bet to find the right food in Lakshadweep is to visit The Agatti Island Beaches resort. They have one of the best eating joints across the islands. If you are on a tight budget, then flock to the local food courts. The popular Akshaya Mess and Food Court are places where you can enjoy a wide range of different dishes.

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Most of the recipes in Lakshadweep dates back to centuries back as they are carried through different generations. Over the time, the cooking styles of the people here have gone diverse. This is due to the different socioeconomic affiliations classifying people into diverse communities. Also, religion plays a significant role in the food culture of Lakshadweep.

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