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How to overcome protein deficiency in your body?

Protein deficiency can have a severe impact on the body. It can lead to illness, weakness, and a host of other ailments. Therefore, you must know the effects of a protein deficiency and the underlying cause of the same. It is why we are bringing you this blog which talks about the different aspects of protein deficiency. 

The symptoms of protein deficiency

When it comes to symptoms of the deficiency of this particular nutrient, we can see them in our whole body. Not every person will have the same signs, but we have listed out the most common ones here below, 

  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Thinning hair
  • Brittle nails
  • Flakiness in skin
  • Bloating
  • Porous bones
  • Increased appetite
  • Stunted growth in kids
  • Low immunity

Foods that can help with the protein deficiency

As we know that proteins can fulfill various functions of the human body. Due to this, there are different sources of protein. Let’s check out the two basic types of protein sources, 

  1. Plant proteins

Many food items can provide you with the number of protein that the body needs. For example, food like nuts, beans, and seeds can help you get protein into your system. But only if you eat plant-based food each day it will be possible to beat the deficiency. The reason behind this is, these plant-based proteins can only offer only some of the necessary amino acids. 

  1. Animal proteins

When we talk about animal protein sources, you can get all the essential amino acids in these sources. For example, seafood, poultry, chicken, or other animal-based protein sources are well known for getting all the protein that you need

Protein deficiency

But as much as these food sources are great for the nutrients we need, eating them in excess quantities can adversely affect health. So, if you want protein and still have excellent health, be sure to consume it in a moderate amount. 

What is the best way of consuming protein? 

To get the best outcome, it is better to consume a variety of food sources. There will be no such issue as protein deficiency once you have both plant protein and animal protein included in the diet

Protein deficiency


Protein deficiency is something that a person can suffer from due to different causes. For example, it can be due to age or various diseases in the human body. But the treatment is the correct type of food and in the right quantity. So, be sure to add suitable food sources to your diet and get better quickly. 

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