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Marriages are made in heaven, but with help from….

Everyone has a different definition of marriage. For some, it’s about commitment and for some it’s as simple as being in love for the rest of their lives. It is true when they say ‘’What is destined will reach you’’ but you need to work hard to make it successful. So, let’s find out how you can succeed in finding a loving partner and grow together. Let us find out if Marriages are really made in heaven?

Better be present : 

While we’ve grown up seeing a whole different marriage situation our parents had, we are living in a busy world of finding a life partner online who is emotionally & mentally available to talk about your flaws and understand your emotions. It’s okay to  be skeptical at first when it comes to finding a soulmate online, to find an honest connection, someone with a legit background and someone who is well settled and secure.

But when you are a part of a trusted matrimony site that has ID verified profiles and millions of successful marriages, it is definitely possible for a marriage that is made in heaven.

Safety first:

Making right decisions in life can sometimes get tricky. To make a good decision, one needs to have all the details required and a safe and secure environment. Especially, when it comes to finding a life partner. But for this when you can have access to safe chat/call features on the matrimony site with the option of choosing who can see and contact you and also an option to hide your contact information, then you needn’t have any privacy concerns. So what are you waiting for?

Never ditch traditions:  

The current generation likes to be financially independent and have progressive thoughts. But despite that we like to be anchored to traditions. While some of us would like a modern destination beach wedding, others may like a proper mandap wedding, your partner may or may not be as traditional as you are hence it becomes important to be supportive and respect their ideas. We might have the choice to choose our soulmate and live on our terms but Indian parents believe in two main notions when it comes down to marriages; the notion that a marriage is not only between the guy and a girl, it is a marriage between two families. Hence, initially during the matchmaking journey developing a bond and understanding family backgrounds and planning virtual meetups through video calls would enable the families to get along with one another. Bharat Matrimony is a popular matrimony service that enables safe and easy video calling.

Resemble as twins but (of course culturally) : 

Living in a current scenario where thoughts are so progressive, we often get carried away in a lot of ways but when it comes to settling down with a life partner, we can all agree that being with someone who you can relate with and has a similar cultural background is important! While, we have many nosy aunties constantly suggesting alliances, finding the right match gets easier when you have an app at a click away where you can shortlist trustworthy and valid matches from millions of profiles and have deep conversations with the one on the app itself with full proof privacy measures taken. So don’t hold yourself back and go for it! Millions found a match here, you too can!


Marriages are made in heaven but realistically you can find your partner in your existing space. So are you ready to start looking for your perfect match on the Bharat Matrimony app? Are you ready to be a part of this blissful lifelong commitment? Ready for enjoying the roller coaster ride of emotions and excitement with your forever someone? 


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