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How to boost your well-being and self-esteem during isolation?

Self-doubt, self-criticism, and a lack of direction are some of the problems that plague many people. However, if not handled well, these problems can lead to more severe conditions. With many of the population in lockdown or on house arrest, low self-confidence has become a well-known problem. In this blog, you’ll learn how to take care of your well-being and self esteem during this challenging period. 

Things you can do to feel confident about yourself! 

  1. Identify the thoughts and situations troubling you: How can we treat something that we don’t even know is a problem? Seems impossible, right? So, keep a close check on how you feel and what makes you anxious or questioning your self-worth. It will be of great help. 
  2.  Please focus on the positive outcome: Since the pandemic hit us, many things are bothering us that we never saw before. Even if the situation is negative, it is up to the person to get a positive thought. Even if it was your mistake, you should forgive yourself, move on, and take it as a lesson. 

  1. TALK: There is no better therapy than pouring your heart out to the person who is closest to you. Their goal is to help you. You can count on them for that. If you have difficulties doing so, get professional help, they will assist you in the best manner possible. 
  2. Invest in some ME TIME: Lack of confidence and well-being can make it hard to get up from bed and be motivated. No matter how we feel, a good quality exercise can impact the mood right away. If not work-out, try out some home remedies for skin/ hair or try baking; they will have an instantly positive effect on your self esteem and how you feel. 
  3. Relax: It is all that stress that is causing you to feel so bad about yourself. So, pick up your favorite novel, or dance or open Netflix and confide in something you love to watch. 
  4. Develop a new hobby: If the mind is busy with something you like, the mental state will improve a lot. It is all about being happy, and a new hobby can do that. If you don’t want to join any classes, order some coloring books online and start filling them. Just this tiny thing will make a massive impact on you, and it will be observable. 


Our mental health can affect our health, perspective, and relations with everyone around us. So please try out our suggestions and involved these little things in your routine. Because, always remember, only a healthy mind leads to a healthy life. 

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