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How to get rid of swollen eyes

Swollen eyes or edema is a common situation that arrives when fluid congregates near your eyelids and eye area. Different factors are responsible for this problem. It can be the overconsumption of salt, sinus, dehydration, allergies, stress, crying, or an inherited feature. Aging is also considered as one of the prime factors for puffy eyes. Most of the people have puffy eyes during the morning only. Morning puffiness is because we do not blink our eyes while we are sleeping. Blinking can be considered as an exercise for eyes that maintains a balance between the circulation of fluids and blood. People with thyroid issues also face the problem of swollen eyes. This all can be resolved by using a few simple things. Let us know how we can treat them to get the desired result. 

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  • Using a cold compress: Using a cold compress can reduce swelling. All you need to do is sit in a comfortable position and put a cool wet cloth on your eyes. Using this for a few minutes removes all puffiness from your eyes.
  • Reduce salt intake: Salt can keep fluids and so makes you feel bloated. Lower your salt intake by avoiding sauces, pickles, fried food, and packed food items.
  • Use pillow: If you wake up every morning with puffy eyes you should try using pillows at an elevated position. You can use two pillows for the proper circulation of fluids near your eye area.
  • Gentle massage: A gentle massage stimulates blood flow around your eye area. Give a massage by starting from pressure points near your eyebrows. Then come your sinuses and lymph nodes in your neck. Continue to tap or massage gently for almost 3-5 minutes to get rid of your red swollen eyes.
  • Using tea bags: Puffiness can be resolved if the blood circulation gets proper around your eyes. You only need to use two tea bags for solving this issue. Keep those tea bags in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes and then directly use them on your eyes. Keep those tea bags at least for 20 minutes to get the desired results.
  • Drink water: Dehydration can also cause eye puffiness. You must drink an adequate amount of water to keep your skin well hydrated.
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Some more

  • Use potato/cucumber: Potatoes and cucumber have properties that give you quick results by giving you a brighter look. Take two slices of potatoes or cucumber and place them on your eyes. Take rest for 30 minutes and rinse your eyes thoroughly with cold water after applying it. You can also grate potato or cucumber to get the desired result. The cooling agents of potato and cucumber help you to soothe and get rid of eye puffiness.
  • Change in lifestyle: Few of the changes in diet and lifestyle play an important role in getting rid of swollen eyes. Avoid drinking alcohol and using too much sugar in your daily meals.
  • Eye drops: If the reason for your eye puffiness is some allergy you can use eye drops but only after consulting your doctor. Allergies can result in itchy and red eyes. The common issues of allergies are related to allergy from certain food items or food preservatives used in packed food items. 

Bottom line: To find the best solution for your puffy eyes it is essential that you should know the root cause for it. It is essential to take the help of your doctor if the problem doesn’t get resolved in a day or two with these home remedies.

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