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This incident of mine had become pretty famous those days and whenever I am asked I proudly narrate it purely because of the farsightedness of my wife and her trust in one brand which is now globally accepted as a leader in its segment.

It was Christmas Eve and I was home due to a national holiday. Since we have many Christian friends around, the atmosphere was festive and my wife had a few of her friends come over to bake something or the other since morning. By the early evening hours they had finished their chores and suddenly planned to go shopping. Poor me, was unaware of all this and was watching my favorite game on the TV and surfing channels when my wife suddenly came up to me all decked up and told me that she would be going with her  friends for a night out and would be coming back next day morning. For a few minutes I was in a state of shock. Before I could recover completely from the same, she had thrown some quick instructions to my half stunned ears and left with a kiss on my cheek. The reason for my getting jitters was our newborn son. This bundle of joy had come in our life some time back and was now a toddler. He was not ready to get down from the bed on his own, but was a menace on the bed itself. He continuously needed attention and it took all the toys and our tricks to calm him down. The other issue was his habit of peeing regularly like all young newborns.

It was about 6pm when my wife had left and I checked the baby’s room to find him sound asleep. I went back to watch my game and once over, I decided to take a quick dinner knowing his habits of getting up. I checked his room again post dinner and he was still asleep. I quickly went to the kitchen to do the dishes and finished the cleaning under half an hour and came to his room tired and wanting to rest badly. I guess our little Devil was waiting just for that moment and go up as soon as I entered his room with a smile on his face which would melt any father’s heart. I smiled back and went on to play with him. He giggled in a fashion which encouraged me to do some monkey tricks and jumps for him. He had never seen me do all this so he kept giggling all the time. After a while he started crying and I checked his clothes to find them wet. I removed the clothes, cleaned him up and kept him that way. I knew he would get upset with a new set of clothes and try to wriggle himself outside his baby clothes. We resumed our playing and this time it was the toys. I showed him how to arrange blocks one over the other and made small tombs. He watched keenly and was watching me intently while I assembled the blocks one over the other. I noticed that he was more involved with toys rather than seeing my monkey jumps. After a while I fed him the baby feed which my wife had readied for him while leaving. He happily ate all of it and again looked at me to play with him. I got back to show him some motor operated and battery operated toys and he got bored after a while, I guess he was feeling sleepy. He had enjoyed the 2-3 hours he had spent with me and I knew he would sleep peacefully. I had presumed that my sleep would go for a toss that night since my son would keep me awake, but decided to take a chance. I recollected my wife’s instruction to put Pampers soft diapers which are #SoftestForBabySkin, while sleeping. All these days I had never bothered to check how many times she gets up in the night to change the baby’s pants, but often wondered how she managed to be so chirpy and fresh in the morning.

I gave a mild warm sponge to my son and wiped him with a soft towel. I then put on Pampers Premium care pants on him, which was super light. I presumed that would keep him dry and sleeping till at least 2 am and decided to take a 3 hour nap till then. I left some of his toys on the bed itself and went off to sleep. I woke up with the chirping of the birds and like always my alarm had failed to wake me up. I was up in a moment and dashed to my baby’s bed expecting him to be crying. I was shocked and surprised to see that he was busy assembling the blocks I had showed him the previous night and was almost successful in doing what I had done. He looked at me and giggled once again and I threw my arms open to hold him close. He came running into my arms and I slowly checked the diapers, they were all dry. I did not want to take a chance and slowly removed the diapers to find that they were dry from inside too. I wondered how that was possible and as I held the diapers in my hand, I realized they were pretty heavy by now. The baby must have peed in them at least 4-5 times, but to my surprise, he was the happiest after getting up as if he was free from all clothes. I realized now why my wife was fresh and cheerful in the mornings. Pampers premium care pants kept the babies their happiest best as if they were free of all clothes, even when they played and messed the house and even when they slept peacefully with a smile. I was relieved to see my baby happy and playful in the morning and narrated this story to my wife as soon as she came back from her night out.

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