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Best Green Tea Online

I was introduced to Green tea by a friend a few years back and instantly liked the taste and the habit being a personal Food Nutritionist myself. Today I will be giving a recipe and benefits of Green Tea and places where to source it from.


Get 2 cups of water, some  ginger, a little lemongrass and sugar as needed to boil in a Teapan. Remove the pan from heat, add some green tea bags as needed (I use 2) and brew the tea for about 5 -6 minutes. Keep stirring gently to get the best effect. Remove the tea bags once done and sip hot Tea straightaway affecting your entire body and giving you some of the best benefits no other natural product  would give. Try and have at least 2 cups of Green tea a day.


It reduces the chances of having a stroke by up to 20%.

Also it helps greatly in weight loss.

 It guards your brain.

Digestive cancer risk is reduced up to 17%

It actually kills bacteria improving Dental health and lowers risk of Infection.

Also, it reduces the risk of Type II Diabetes.

It helps delay possible risks of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to a large extent making old age better.

Due to its Anti- inflammatory and Antioxidant properties,  it helps reducing wrinkles and signs of ageing.

It helps fight stress and reduces stress levels.

Also it helps in Prevention Of Platelet Aggregation.

It helps fight Arthritis.

Now, it also prevents Skin Cancer.

And it keeps our Liver Fit and Fine.

Sunscreen made from Green Tea helps get a natural sunscreen.

Of course, there are various twists which can be added to making a tea and they should ideally be sourced online from reputed brands. Knowing the fact that most of the Green tea available across the counter are not original, I always recommend to buy your online. Tetley, Lipton, LaPlant, Happy Valley, Twinings, Typhoo, Golden Tips and Organic Green Tea brands are the most popular these days. The awareness has also increased and people have started drinking this Tea instead of the regular one and taking their health seriously. Also, since the Green tea is easily available Online, many people opt for it and order in Bulk quantities too.  Overall Green tea is here to stay and has already created a place for itself in the World market.


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