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Here they come Kolkata.

 Sweeten those sweet people of Kolkata with 5 cakes

Kolkata is known to be the cultural capital of India. From the sprawling Howrah Bridge to the beautiful Victoria Memorial Hall, you would find the stamps of rich cultural heritage scattered everywhere. Food is one of those striking areas from where you can take a dip in the place’s culture and upbringing. The food habits of the people of Kolkata is famously known to be sweet but it is actually a beautiful mixture of chili and sweet both. Every celebration here from the well-known Durga puja to Holi is celebrated with authentic sweet items like Roshogolla, payesh, and Lord Cham Cham. These people also have a special liking for cakes. The proof is the flourishing business of Flurys, Cookie Jar, and Nahoum as an example of that. So, to wish your best friend there on any occasion, send cakes to Kolkata and sweeten your relationship. 

Plum Cake:

A rich cake made with plum and dry fruits is a special favorite of people belonging to Kolkata. Christmas as well as Durga puja sees people hog on this cake. As a celebration cake, this finds a place in every home. This is basically a dry cake and that’s why it can be consumed in high quantity.

  • plum-cake-half-kg_1
  • Mango Cake: Some of the best variety of mangoes are found here and when these sweet and ripe mangoes are used to bake a cake the result is an amazing one. Mango cakes would be a great birthday treat for your friends and relatives there. mango-delight-cake-half-kg_1
  • Tiramisu Cake: This is another great delicacy that can be sent to your known people staying in Kolkata. Tiramisu is a layered cake that has coffee beans, mascarpone cheese, whipped cream and hot brewing espresso coffee. This is an amazing tasty cake that would increase your happiness and excitement of celebration.  tiramisu-cake-half-kg_1
  • Walnut Cake: Generally, walnut cakes are served with coffee and Kolkata has one of the oldest coffee shops in India, therefore, it makes walnut cakes an important cake here. So many poets, film directors, painters, and politicians throng at coffee shops. They storm the place with debates on topics of the whole world. Walnut cake is made with walnut, hazelnut, and coffee cream and thus is a great choice for people of Kolkata. walnut-truffle-half-kg_1
  • Chocolate Cake: Be it the Black Forest cake, chocolate truffle, or the chocolate fudge cake, the various delicacies of chocolate cakes find an important place in every occasion of Kolkata. Get an online cake delivery in Kolkata selecting one of these variants of chocolate cakes and make your friends happy there.




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