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Will you Shave?

If you are a part of movies like 300 playing the lead role, you need not bother.. 😛 The king never shaves, or should we say the Kings never shave.

I have noticed that barring a few Kings in history, most of the others were lazy and never bothered to shave and gave an impression that they looked more royal with those manes. When we look at it today do we feel the same? So what made them not shave?

The only answer which comes to mind is that there were no ultra modern razors like the ones offered by Gillette during those days and with not aftershave (especially in summer season) it would be quite boring to shave so much of hair off. So they probably had a mane which was trimmed by the Kings barber. I am sure they never did trim themselves. 😛

I often wonder what the royal barber used to shave off his masters. What if the blade did some damage to the skin of the king? Would he be hanged? beheaded? Or was it understood that he would cut off some skin while shaving with his crude blades. probably that was one reason the kings never shaved as they had an image to carry. Beside the neighboring kings and their families would smirk at a clean shaved King. I am sure no king was sport enough to mock himself with a clean shaved look.

Looking at the history, I know for sure that none of us would be nominated as Kings of any states and enjoy the royal life. In order to then survive in this world we would have to work, which in turn would mean competition of similar skill-sets for a particular job. Its a proven fact that the smartest and the wittiest often get the job done better than the others which include unshaven ones like me. 🙂 Would you risk ending up losing many opportunities in life which a shaved face would get? Think of all the times when you have walked in for an Interview or for appraisals and seen the person on the other end remark ” Ye to baadshaah hai, fursat me shave karte hai. Inko naukri ki kya zarurat?” (He is a king, he shaves when he wishes to.  he does not need a job)… would you like that to happen again and again in your life? I am sure you wont….So will you Shave?



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