Tips to buy the perfect trimmer for yourself this summer
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Tips to buy the perfect trimmer for yourself this summer

Tips to buy the perfect trimmer for yourself

Fashion Trends keep coming and fading for both men and women. One trend that seems to be like it is here to stay for long is facial beards and facial stubble for men.  Keeping and maintaining a stubble requires commitment and a bit of hard work as well. You need to follow a good regimen to take care of it and good quality to prevent it from getting fuzzy. When you go ahead to buy the perfect trimmer or electric shaver, please keep in mind to focus on quality to make trimming, primping and maintaining your beard easier for you.


Try to pick a trimmer that is rechargeable instead of battery operated ones. Rechargeable clippers are always better because even the corded variants are a bit of a hassle to store and to travel around with.

Don’t purchase cheap stuff

As per your budget, try to purchase the best quality of trimmers you can afford. Buy from premium brands like Phillips, Wahl, Panasonic etc as opposed to inexpensive variants. Good brands ensure better motor integrity and strength. A good quality is vital for a clean looking and groomed looking beard or stubble.


Choose trimmers with adjustable heads for an easy shave. Also, choose a variant that is capable of handling the Dual voltage. This will help in using it in most countries across the world.

Ease of cleaning

Pick up trimmers that have cutting heads that are detachable. This way, you can make sure that the cutting surface is always clean and disinfected.

Details matter

If you can afford, paying a little extra and go for a trimmer that has certain mini blades for finer trimming and detail work required around the moustache area and around the lips.

Tips to buy the perfect trimmer for yourself this summerAsk for recommendations

You can always ask for recommendations from professionals and other male members for the brands or models they prefer. You can also visit your local barber and ask him about techniques to use your newly bought trimmers more efficiently.

So, these were some tips that would help you choose the perfect trimmer for yourself whether you decide to buy offline or go online shopping!


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