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Things to know about a German Shepherd.

German Shepherds are very loyal companions. They will give you plenty of love and attention, making them a great family dog. German Shepherds are often used for watching over the house and the property. This breed is brilliant, making it easy to train them in search and rescue missions, obedience tasks, and other activities. While German Shepherd needs intense training early on, they can make great family dogs if you do the work. There are some things to know about the German Shepherd breed.

Their intelligence is impressive.

German Shepherds are intelligent dog breeds, but that doesn’t mean that training them is easy. Their brains often make them think they’re in charge, and sometimes getting them to listen can be challenging. Luckily, with a little effort and patience, they will learn what you want from them and behave like show dogs in no time.

They require intellectual nourishment.

Dog breeds require both physical and mental stimulation to be at their best. Toss the ball for your dog, teach them new tricks and play hide and seek to keep them mentally challenged. They need physical activity and mental stimulation or get anxious and unhappy.

German Shepherd

They are energetic.

Germans Shepherds are great dogs, but they can be challenging to live with because they love mischief. These dogs are active and playful but require you to keep their energy levels up. They love to run around and get excited about anything, which can be a joy to watch — but it also requires you to tire them out as quickly as possible so that they don’t break loose in the house.

They are great listeners.

What else would you expect when their heads are adorned with those enormous ears? Those radar ears hear even the most minor sounds and are always eager to hear your voice. You will see them tilt their heads more if they are attentive.

They were bred as guard dogs.

The original purpose of German Shepherds was to guard a farmer’s sheep and cattle. The dog immediately alerted its owner whenever an intruder or predator entered their field. But without the proper training, this behavior can be territorial and aggressive towards other dogs and strangers. However, with the appropriate training, you will feel at ease whenever you go to bed in the evening. They love to protect and watch over your home. Not only do they serve as excellent guards.

German Shepherd

They do best in pairs.

Due to their social nature, German Shepherd often benefit from living with other dogs. In addition to keeping them entertained while you’re away, this also prevents them from developing anxiety and depression.

The final words

Despite these dogs being amazing animals, they don’t suit everyone’s lifestyle. You can have a better experience owning a dog if it mutually benefits both. Neither of you will be able to get much out of the relationship if you can’t give them what they need. 

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