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The Sound of Love..

Sound of Love

Amey and Sapna had been married for 5 years now and both were at the point of reaching the helm of their respective careers. Amey was a Strategy planning & acquisition head of a Conglomerate and Sapna was Deputy head of a leading MNC Bank. Fat pay packets, Big cars, plush apartments and all what could make an average couple jealous about the two. Everything seemed so perfect, yet something was missing. No one could see that somewhere inside both Amey and Sapna were not happy… Why?

Recently Sapna won the award of the Youngest member of the finance Industry and received accolades from all. Amey was very happy for her and hosted a post awards party for her too. What everyone missed out was that Amey could not make it to the Award function due to prior commitments. No one actually bothered amidst the claps except Sapna who had so dearly wished Amey to be there when she was being appreciated for her work.

The post party function was a Blast from the past with music being played from the late 90’s and all shook a leg on the peppy songs. The party ended in the wee hours and all went home happily. Sapna was dead tired and fell off to sleep immediately. Amey sat up for a while and retired to bed. A glance fell on Sapna and she was looking so beautiful yet so sad. As he came close to her he saw a tear in Sapna’s eye. He realized how he had hurt her by not giving her what was due.. His presence on the awards night. He gently kissed her forehead and touched her shoulder to embrace her. He could smell the freshness of her body and his hands lingered. Was this Love rekindled? Had it ignited the spark? He wanted to make the day perfect so he gave her a gift wrapped nicely in a gift wrap. She moved a bit and woke up, She looked in his eyes and then opened the gift slowly. She was not sure what would be inside. So far she was always disappointed with what she had given her, but now she was hoping to get something good.

 She checked the contents of the gift and was overjoyed. It was a stunning pure Gold Sound of Love band which he had gifted to her. It was love reaching again for her with the same shine as it had many years back. She knew that soon they would communicate in the same fashion as they used to earlier and love was indeed rekindled between them. She looked at him and smiled, reciprocated with a gentle kiss on his lips and gave him a tight hug. Love had a new expression this year, this season.

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