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The Poems of Robin R Rabii

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 The Poems of Robin R Rabii 

The Poems of Robin R. Rabii is a poetry collection. So even before I get into the review, please understand that this genre has a select segment of readers and not all would love to read poetry beyond one or two. This segment of poetry readers of course love to read for hours and many books at a stretch. This book is varied and at the same time unified. The theme of this collection is connection expressed beautifully. A poem shows the connection between two lovers at times. At other times it shows connection between a person and his/her nation. In short, the theme is apparent in each and every poem.

My findings

A few poems in this collection show excellent artistry, while a few are off beat. I say offbeat because it appears that there are 3-4 poems which have been squeezed into one. This has made the poet lose his focus and the theme ultimately. These then in run many lines and leave the reader confused. The topics covered are varied though and the poet has touched topics like racism, homosexuality, religion, and sex. The poems are addressed powerfully with usage of frank words. This touches the reader directly. The unexpected metaphor is one of poetry’s most valuable tools. This helps the readers to see the world in new ways. I think Robin Rabii uses this art masterfully to get the readers engrossed.

Rating and Recommendation

I considered the excellence of individual ones against the failings of the few that have lost their impact. As I said they are too long, appear a mix of 3-4 poems and completely without a theme. I also considered the presence of sex and violence which makes it unsuitable for children. I have decided to rate The Poems of Robin R. Rabii 3 out of 4 stars. Children should be monitored if reading this book due to a few poems.

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