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#MusichealstheHeart. Is that true??

We all know that music can heal the heart. Knowingly or unknowingly we all have, at some point in time, just put on one of our favorite songs and it has perked us right up. What do you do when you are taking a long drive with your friends? What if a good song comes up? You all start singing or humming along, putting you guys in a good mood and suddenly you feel happy. This sudden feeling of being happy, a lighter heart is because it has been healed by the music you just heard. This is of course a part of #MusicDilSe. A Study has confirmed this and we even have ancient scriptures saying and depicting the power of music.

Music and its effects:

Music can actually improve the recovery of patients suffering from heart disease. Cardiologists have confirmed this after doing a test. They now say that all people could boost the health of their hearts. This by simply listening to some of their favorite tunes. These cardiologists actually got Patients with cardiac disease and then divided them into three groups. The first batch was put in an exercise class for three weeks.The second batch was put in the same classes, but was asked to listen to music of their choice. This too as per their choice at any point for 30 minutes every day. The third batch only listened to music, and did not take cardiovascular exercise at all which is a must for all with any heart disease.

The trial period came to an end eventually. The patients who had listened to the music and exercised had boosted crucial measures of heart function significantly. They also improved their exercise capacity by almost 39 per cent. This proves that music has a healing effect on the heart and now again in the modern era, all are admitting it.


The Potential uses of music therapy have been in practice since ancient times and popular too. It is now an allied health profession now. Here the music therapist uses physical, emotional, Mental, social, aesthetic and spiritual facets to help their clients heal their hearts. Music therapy is divided into two forms: active and receptive. In the active therapy form, the therapist and patient together actively participate in creating music. This could be with instruments or/and their voice or/and other objects. This allows the patient to be creative and expressive through the art of music, thus opening up his heart and healing it.

In the receptive therapy of music it has more relaxed type of setting where the therapist plays or/and makes music for the patient who is free to listen to the music or draw or meditate or work. In most cases the therapist determines the method of treatment unless specifically requested by the patient. Such is the power of Music and time and again it proves that music is healing hearts. We have some very beautiful compositions created, sung and played with #MusicDilSe across the world. We are honored to be living in this era where Music has taken to new heights and is continually evolving and helping heal hearts globally.

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