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Mindful Yoga Poses to Relax your body.

What is Stress? I bet everyone already knows. Because we can come across this more than just once in our lifetime, sure. During that time, all we want to do is look for ways that can de-stress our bodies and give some instant relief. What is the best worldwide way to overcome stress? YOGA! Hats off to yoga, that we are able to not only de-stress our body but also treat many diseases. Let’s get to the main reason why you came here. Have a look at the aforementioned mindful yoga poses for relaxing your mind and body.

Mindful Yoga

Mountain pose

This pose is also known as “Tadasana”. To get into this pose, you need to simply stand. Make sure your thighs are not touching, and they are feet apart. Your head should be in line with your pelvis, and keep the chin parallel to floor. It is advised to do Tadasana while standing on grass. If not on grass, your feet should be touching the ground directly. Try this pose, and it will have an instant effect. 

Corpse poses

Oh, the easiest and the most well-known yoga pose. It is also known as “Shavasana”. This yoga pose is generally done when you are done with all your other yoga poses. Now you may ask why? For restorative benefits. It is the most accessible and gentle pose of yoga. For this pose, you need to lie down with your arms by your side. For better comfort, it is possible to keep a pillow under your knees. This will help elevate the tension around our lower back and ensure a deeper release. 

Mindful Yoga

Melting heart pose

The traditional name for the melting heart pose is “Anahatasana”. Just as the name suggests, it allows you to melt your heart into the earth. To get into this pose, get onto your knees, and extend your hands towards the ground. Keep your palms down towards the ground and your head downwards as well. 

Easy pose

Easy pose is also known as “Sukhasana”. This is the ultimate pose that is done when you are getting into the meditative state. For this pose, sit cross-legged in the sitting position. Practice slow breathing while maintaining this pose. 

To conclude, try out these mindful yoga poses, and you would be set to let go of the stress instantly anytime you want.

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