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How to take help of virtual fitness companions.

The year 2020 has been challenging for all of us. 2020 made us understand the importance of fitness and health. It is the time where we are getting ready for virtual parties and gatherings. It is a must that you should enter these parties with the best version of yourself. We are not still in a position to go outside for gym and exercises. So let us see how we can take the help of our virtual fitness companions using these apps.

Virtual Fitness companions

These help….

  • StepSetGo(SSG): SSG is known for providing constant fitness motivation to its users. It tracks the number of steps walked and rewards you with SSG coins for those steps taken. These SSG coins can be redeemed in the Bazaar section of the app. No need to worry if you are skipping the gym during this COVID time. Just get up and keep walking.  
  •  MyFitnessPal: Festivals and weddings is the time when we end up overeating. With MyFitnessPal, you can enjoy those sweet and savory cravings. This app helps you to take control of your goals, track calories, and log activities. Get ready to lose weight, tone up, get healthy, and change your habits without using a penny.
  • Yogaia: This app helps you to practice yoga online. It offers coaching based on your capacity from easy to advanced. Download it and get ready to stay fit physically and mentally.
Virtual Fitness companions

These too…

  • Calm: Meditation is essential for all of us as it keeps us calm and strengthens our immunity. It offers breathing programs, masterclasses, and soothing music to relax you. The guided meditation here helps you to set your personal goals and focus on your body.
  • ThinkUp: Positivity and motivation are essential in everyone’s life. This app allows you to choose positive affirmations and pump up yourself. Get ready to work on your self-esteem, happiness, and get charged for celebrations.  
Virtual Fitness companions

Summary: All these five apps are available both on Android and iOS devices for free. These Virtual fitness companions are very good. Get ready and take a step for your fitness by downloading these. Download it right now, and don’t forget to share this list with your loved ones.  

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