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The procedure of filing an FIR against Sexual violence comes later. What comes before it is the awareness. In most cases the victims keep quiet either out of fear of the society/ family/friend’s reaction, once they narrate that they faced sexual violence. The other reason is when it happens within the family, the victim is not able to communicate it effectively to anyone as the confidence level is shattered completely. The educating and making all aware of what sexual violence is, is important. The victim must know that he/she has been subjected to sexual violence and the person who has done the violence is the criminal and not the victim. Once this confidence comes back into the victim and he/she is reassured that he/she would get support from all in the society and family, only then will the reporting of such crimes increase.

Why sexual violence needs to be reported has many reasons, I will give the three reasons I felt were important. The first and foremost reason is any person committing sexual violence knows he/she has done it and is more scared than anyone else when he/she does it. When he/she does this the first time and is reported, it is possible in almost all 100% cases that he/she won’t turn a repeated offender again out of the fear of prosecution. When not reported, the confidence level of the offender increases and he/she may get in the habit of repeating such crimes.

The second reason is the victim filing the FIR has already got so much encouragement and reassurance from the people around him/her that the fear and the feeling of shame (which unnecessarily comes into the victim’s mind as if they have wronged) goes away and they come out as confident citizens of the country making the society stronger and bolder to face such issues. In many cases the victims take up this cause and give some hours of their life to helping other such victims and educating them to come forward and report the sexual violence they were subjected to.

The third main reason to encourage reporting of such crimes is that the overall perspective of some in the society would change, especially in the countryside where many villages it is often the victim who is criticized. The Gram Panchayat for ages in many villages has always accused the victim and never supported such issues. Such sections of the society would get a jolt and they would definitely wake up now and see the new dawn. A dawn where the victims come forward confidently and tell this section of society “please stop criticizing us if you can’t support us and even if you do, we will still go ahead and report this.” Eventually this large section of the society would change its stance and stand with the victim strongly supporting him/her against sexual violence.

I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda.

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10 thoughts on “Know Your Rights

  1. I think the awareness is building up but we as a society still associate a huge taboo with it. Probably till the time women will be considered ‘pure’ only as long as they are virgins, the intrinsic mindset people toward victims of sexual offences will not change…

  2. This is a very good issue to take up by our fraternity… let’s hope everyone takes cognizance of how dangerous a crime sexual violence can get…

    Thanks for sharing this UK… 🙂

  3. See what happened with rape accused of nirbhaya…….. He is Scot free and character of the victim was questioned. Till girls get blamed for crimes men commit on them… It will be difficult for victims to come out in open.

    1. Stringent law and corruption needs to controlled to. Only awareness wont help. Somewhere something has gone wrong in nirbhaya case…and people are now quiet. We are used to gathering as a mob only after the incident, eventually we forget it and don’t ensure that justice is done. I am sure if the society would have kept the pressure ON, the corruption part would not have happened with the fear.

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