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Khatri Bandhu – A Honest Review

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The famous Khatri Bandhu Pot Ice cream & Mastani – Kharghar started some months back at Galaxy Carina at D-Mart Road and soon it has become successful in pulling crowd who know the taste of Ice cream. I decided to go there and give a try the same ones which Pune serves to see if there is a difference in taste and flavor etc. and also check the service. The small joint welcomes you from 12.00noon to 12.00 midnight.


The joint is on the ground floor of Galaxy Carina. The entrance is too small and though the signage is large, it fails to catch the attention of a casual passerby as it has been done in a simple way. The owners need to make the Board bigger and brighter so that people see it and connect. The decor is neat and done in Pune outlets style to make you feel at home.

Mastani Decor 2 Mastani Decor

Though the joint is smaller and less crowded than the Pune ones, you feel you are inside the same Khatri Bandhu Parlor. The staff is less and may be a problem during business hours. The staff also needs to be trained to keep the floors clean being an ice cream parlor. The kids keep spilling ice cream and tastings and someone has to clean it up immediately. The Manager is polite and not only answered all my questions, but gave me more insights on the 27 year old brand which started in 1989 with a single joint and is now boasting 10 joints in all with 8 in and around Pune, 1 in Nagpur and the latest one in Kharghar.


Since we had gone to try the Pune Stuff, we ordered the famous Anjeer Mastani, Mango Mastani and Sitafal Mastani which were heavenly. Pure taste of the fruits and the same taste carried all the way from Pune. I asked with the Manager and he said that almost twice a week, the ice cream and Mastani come all the way from their Pune factory and is not made anywhere else as they fear they may lose the taste and balance of the ingredients. I could not agree any less either. Mastani is primarily made by crushing a flavored ice cream scoop in the same flavored syrup. This thick and pasty drink is put in a Glass and served to the customer after topping it up with a full scoop of that ice cream.

Anjeer Mastani Mango Mastani Seetafal Mastani

We then called for the famous Pot Ice creams. The Pot Ice-cream is made in a wooden case which has a steel can on a bearing. This is one of the oldest and natural process of making Ice-cream. We checked out the traditional Pista and the new addition Peru (Guava) Pot Ice cream, which is actually seasoned with salt and red chili powder.

Peru Pot ice cream 1 Peru Pot ice cream 2 Peru Pot ice cream 3

The feel is sweet and spicy and one tends to ask more after the first scoop. We restricted ourselves, though, as we were full and stopped our ice cream expedition. The Bill was a mere 400/- for all what we tried.

Mastani Bill

Plus and Minus
To start with the Plus, The joint is maintaining the Dcor and the look of the other Joints of Pune giving a feel of the same place. People tend to connect well, especially those who frequent the Pune joints. The staff is well mannered and believes in hard work offering to answer all your queries with a smile on the face. The quality of the Ice cream is same and we got it confirmed later that only the Ice cream originally made by them is transported to all their joints and they have not allowed any franchisee to make their ice cream. So quality and taste are ensured. The Cost is neat and all can afford this wonder. Even if they increase the price marginally, eventually, I am sure no one would mind it looking at what they serve.

The Minus is the cleanliness inside which should be more frequent with a dedicated person looking at cleaning the floor and keeping the place shining. The sign board outside should be more prominent and be visible to all.

Khari Bandhu Pot Ice-cream and Mastani: 20, Ground Floor, Galaxy Carina, Near D-Mart, Sector 15, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210

Cost For 2: 300/-

Timings: 12.00 noon to 12.00 midnight.

Ratings: Food 4.5 Service 3.5Decor 4.0

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