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#IFBA Awards 2016.

The Indian Food Bloggers Awards or #IFBA as it is popularly known, is the only Award in India till date for Food loggers which brings together Food Bloggers, celebrities and the TOP chefs from the Indian Culinary community. It is an annual awards ceremony that aims to recognize and celebrate the finest of food blogging over the past year. With 15 categories this year #IFBA2016 will be the largest showcase of food bloggers in India this year too. These awards are held by the Food Bloggers Association, India (FBAI)

The Jury has some eminent names like Gaggan Anand, Rashmi Uday Singh, Kunal Vijaykar, Chef Vicky Ratnani, Chef Ranveer Brar, Rushina Ghildiyal, Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma (Rocky and Mayur). These stalwarts have a huge amount of hard work behind their success and they inspire one and all in the Culinary Industry.

My blog was nominated for the “Best Recipe Blog” where I polled 96 votes amounting to a total of 44.045 votes, the highest in the category.


I was also nominated for the “Best General Food Blog” where I polled 97 Votes amounting a total of 29.13%, again the highest in the category.


Readers felt that I had done some good work over the past years and voted with open hearts making me the topper in both categories. Since Public Voting accounts for 20% of the total weightage for the award, it is now the Jury, which will decide the fate of the Awards holding the remaining 80% weightage and I am keeping my fingers crossed to win there too with the best wishes and blessings of my readers. I take this opportunity to thank one and all who voted for me and the ones who could not vote for me due to the heavy load for voting.

(Pic Credits : The Food Bloggers Association, India and India Food Bloggers Awards 2016)

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