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How to not let your glow fade away during a rough patch

Your face is a reflection of your feelings. No matter how hard you try to contrive your emotion, your face spills the beans without you realizing it. A sentiment that you may not want to make public is your sadness, but the slightest frown in your face reveals everything.  Whatever may be the intensity of your sadness, making your real feeling evident on your face is not going to make it any better. You may have come across the fact that some people are apathetic and do their best to add to your despair, something that you do not want when you already have a bucket full of negative emotions to deal with. Therefore, try to stay happy if you want to protect your emotional health from further degradation. Moreover, when you take efforts to be optimistic, your psychological health improves, and your face retains its luster. Optimism also boosts your confidence and provide you enough strength to face the situation. Here are a few tips that would help you keep your facial glow intact when you are going through a rough patch.

Rough Patch

Take Time off

  • Take time off, go to your oasis, and cry out loud. Tears are a combination of stress hormones and other toxins that build up inside your system when you experience an intense negative emotion. Through crying, you can get rid of all the toxins that take away the radiance of your skin. Avoid bottling up your feelings, cry, and let all the toxins get out of your system.
Rough Patch

Stay Hydrated

  • Stay hydrated all the time, even if it demands some extra amount of effort from your side. You often tear up when you are sad, and as we all know, tears are 98% water, so you dehydrate every time you cry. Water is a vital element in keeping your skin supple, and losing it in the form of tears may not be a good thing for your skin. Keep a water bottle handy and take a few sips every hour, or at least every time after you cry.
Clean Water

Don’t Overeat

  • A few research suggest that some people tend to overeat when they are sad while some don’t feel like eating anything. When you don’t eat anything, you become weak, and your skin’s natural rejuvenation mechanism lapses, which in turn tarnish your skin. Eat on time and eat enough, set the alarm if you are not able to keep track of time.
Good Food


  1. After waking up, do a few breathing exercises on an empty stomach. When you are stressed, your body becomes susceptible to harmful bacteria that irritate your skin. By performing breathing exercises like Kapal Bhati and Anulom Vilom for 10-15 minutes, you can flush out all the harmful bacteria without taking too much pain.

Moisturize your skin

  • Moisturize your skin as soon as you get out of the shower. At times, you may get shattered entirely and forget to do the most important things. But overlooking the basic needs of your skin may make your skin suffer in the long run, especially the facial skin; remember that rough patch doesn’t last forever, but rough skin does. No matter how hard your life gets, don’t ever forget to moisturize your skin.
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Hope these few tips help you keep your facial glow intact when you are going through a rough patch. Keep in touch on whatsapp.

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