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How to deal with mood swings

Even the best of us have our own share of dark and gloomy days. During these mood swings, when we do not feel like getting up, dressing up and facing the world. So, what to do when you are feeling the blues…

Do not isolate yourself

Do not just lock yourself in a room and cut off yourself from everyone. It will just make you feel worse with all the negativity piling up. Go out, get some fresh air. Visit a park, feel the breeze on your face and the grass under your feet. Nature has a wonderful way of healing emotional pain.

Do you have mood swings

Talk to friends over phone or better still meet up in person

Interacting with others helps you divert your mind to things other than your problems and worries. You get to vent out a little and also get to talk about diverse topics. Your brain gets tricked into thinking about things other than what lead to your spoiled mood.

Take frequent breaks from work

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, as they say. Therefore, it is very important that you take breaks from work on a monthly basis. You can indulge in some spiritual or meditative retreats, if you wish to reconnect with yourself.

Vent out feelings by writing them

Writing down what you feel is a great way of venting out your feelings. It sort of gives a closure to your emotions. Write a letter addressed to God or your guardian angels. At times, our friends and family are too occupied to listen to our woes and also, it is not worth discussing everything with others. So, a journal is a good option. Trust me, you will feel much lighter.

Keep smiling

Walk away for a couple of minutes

If you feel in a particular situation, your emotions are getting the better of you..simply, walk away from the drama for a few minutes. Take a bath or do some Pranayama. When you feel your heartbeat and breathing patterns coming back to normal, you can reassess the situation and see if there is an alternative approach to control your mood.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Drug abuse, alcohol and excess intake of Coffee a alters numerous brain related activities and can make you feel more prone to mood swings.

Take a healthy diet

A wholesome diet affects your moods, too. A diet that is balanced and rich in healthy fats like those which come from nuts, dry fruits, Olive oil, Oily fish and seeds are good to control frequently occurring mood swings.

You can also opt for taking herbal supplements and Vitamins to bridge the nutritional gap in your daily dietary intake.

Work out regularly

Exercise increases the synthesis of happy hormones in your body and helps you feel more excited and interested in things.

Take enough rest

Lack of sufficient sleep can make you feel irritated and cranky. People who do not catch up on plenty of snooze tend to lose their temper sooner. So, stick to a bedtime routine.

Tell us, how do you deal with mood swings and go through those days when you are on an emotional roller coaster.

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  1. wow, this is something that I really had to read today. it is so important that we deal with our mood swings in a timely fashion so that it does not lead to other consequences.

  2. I used to have so much mood swings …and I prefer to listen to music and talk to my bestie..This way I make myself comfortable…You have given great tips !!

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