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Pleasant surprises come in from places you would never expect them to come from. This is what happened to me last week when the Indian Sailing Legend, First Indian Woman Yachtmaster to take India to the number 22 spot in world rankings, 6 times Asia No:3, Limca book of National record holder, many national and International Medal winners and my friend Taramati Matiwade messaged me to be present for my first sailing experience with her. Being an extremely busy person, running between her own Yachting Association of Kolhapur for her passion, her travels far and wide to participate in competitions, her Yacht business (Oceanstar Dream Yacht Charter India) which sells and charters Yachts in 47 countries worldwide and her own efforts to train talent in all age groups within Maharashtra and all over India currently. She plans to take the competitive sailing sport to a larger population of India who has neglected it because it is a water sport and less visible. Now with the changing scenario, the sport is gaining popularity in India and many people are looking at training their children in the sport so that they could compete at National and the International level under the guidance of Taramati Matiwade.

We started from Jetty number 5 reserved for Club members and were taken in a small transfer motorboat to the Seabird class of boat. This boat is extremely small and can take in only 5 people. The weight is approximately 700Kgs and Taramati gave some beautiful insights on the sailboat and sailing as such.

We also saw some Dolphins, who loved to play with us and came very close to us out of their curiosity. Since the sailboat does not make any sound, we were welcomed by the group and we were surrounded by about 6-8 dolphins who swam along the sailboat for a while. Mesmerizing experience it was.

We came back after an almost 2 hour of sailing, and I learned a few tricks of the trade which Taramati taught me. I must admit that it is not just the physical strengthΒ  but also a lot of mental sharpness, agility and quick mental calculations depending on the flow of the wind, which takes you ahead..and we also sped with the help of the wind, not just sailed. On our way back, I was quiet for a while thinking how intelligent a human mind is which takes help from the nature, not just to stay on the water but also float, race and win with speed. In this modern world of Technology where we all are so handicapped by gadgets, this world championship participant uses her bare hands to manoeuvre sail boats and wins so many proud moments for our country India at the world level.

We went to The Royal Bombay Yacht Club for a cup of Tea and caught up with a small chat, we had met after almost 3 months. Taramati is currently focusing on the 34th NDA-Inland Enterprise championship 2016 which will have over 150 participants. Tara is pitching 20 of her two member teams to represent Yachting Association of Kolhapur with the Blue sail boats and is expected to win some medals here like last time. She is looking for Sponsors for her Teams at this juncture and I appeal all my readers at corporate level to come forward and help Taramati Matiwade promote this sport. Anyone who can help with their contacts to get sponsorship can mention so in the comments section below with their email ids or could send me an email at uk8971@gmail.com so that we could take it ahead from there.

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    1. Thanks Archie, Wish my post gets Taramati’s team some sponsors above 50k. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Wish my post gets Taramati’s team some sponsors above 50k. πŸ™‚

  1. I have never tried out sailing but after reading this, I might just go actively looking for an opportunity to do so. Thanks for sharing this

    1. Thanks Ami and I am sure you will love it, Wish my post gets Taramati’s team some sponsors above 50k. πŸ™‚

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