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Book review – Glimpses of a Black Op

When I first surfed the pages (I generally do before taking it up for a serious read) I thought this would be a conventional thriller. What it turned out to be was way beyond my expectation and imagination.

The main character which impressed me was D (we never know his full name like many other characters in the book and that itself keeps a lot of mystery and suspense in the air as you read it) who is continuously followed by gray characters from different organizations and he eventually realizes this. What further shakes him up is that electromagnetism is being used on him primarily to access the very thoughts of his mind while wasting his muscle strength. We also wonder at many points as to how the author knows so much about D. Is Dean Evans actually D or is he the one who has succeeded in reading the mind of D?

I found this novel to be sci-fi thriller, if that is how I can put it. Evans has done a good job and it appears that he has observed politics, science, pop culture and history. He has successfully managed to weave all these to create a story which keeps one glued to the book. The writing style is strong and barring some places which there has been either no spell check, or the grammar is too poor to relate at the same wavelength. Also the plot gets too thick at some point and the story may appear a bit too heavy for some at the end.

Overall, it is profoundly readable and covers up time faster than we can imagine without letting go the changes in technology, politics and philosophy. I would rate it 3 out of 4 stars without any hesitation.

Glimpses of a Black Op – Dean Evans

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