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Body positivity and fashion

Body positivity encourages everyone to express their unique beauty, regardless of appearance. It aims to dismantle the unrealistic standards of beauty that cause many people to feel self-conscious, unhappy, and ashamed of their bodies. The fashion industry is moving toward more body-inclusive inclusion, causing massive waves of change. As the natural response to these changes, people began pushing back on how fashion uses models.

Body Positivity: What Does It Mean?

 Body positivity is a way of thinking and feeling about your body. It’s a movement toward body acceptance and positive awareness that demands social change.

In the context of body positivity, the following issues are raised:

  • Socially changing people’s perceptions of the body
  • Increasing acceptance of all body types
  • The development of self-awareness and acceptance of one’s own body
  • Unrealistic body norms are addressed

Body image issues are a problem for all humans, whether they live in the “thin” or “plus size” world. The key is to be aware of how our culture perceives certain people as less worthy of love and respect simply because of their appearance. This is not about being thin; some “fat” people have positive body images. Instead, it is about exhibiting a positive body image ourselves, and accepting those people who are more significant need the exact amounts of respect, love, and support that others do. This promotes self-esteem and helps individuals feel better about themselves despite the size or shape they may have.

Body Positivity

Is there a reason certain people are thinner, taller, or more attractive than others? It’s not just because of genetics. As it turns out, the environment plays a significant role in determining how we perceive ourselves, especially with media and advertising.

Is there a connection between fashion and body positivity? 

A Victorian dress reform movement can be credited with the emergence of body positivity. In this movement, women pushed for the acceptance of their bodies. As a result, they were discouraged from using excessive corsets or bodily mutilation to fit the standard of an exceedingly small waist and or hourglass silhouette. I applaud these women for refusing to hide their bodies under layers of clothing and elaborate dresses. In addition to this reform, women also fought for the right to wear pants during this time.

Body Positivity


The fashion industry can indeed be a powerful force for creativity and joy, but it’s not always on the right side of history. While biases and discrimination have no place in contemporary fashion culture, the body-positivity movement is a step in the right direction. When the labels and the public work together, there are opportunities to ensure we all thrive in an inclusive community.

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