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4 Healthiest Dairy Milk Alternatives for Vegans Out There

Animal Cruelty is not a myth now a day. With so many videos flooding on the social media platforms, today’s youth is getting to know how the animals get abused right from their birth. Animal Welfare groups have found that cows get mistreated poorly by injecting hormones and often go through a lot of stress during the milk extraction process. All this leads to the supply of unhealthy meals which are majorly consumed by children. Hence, most people opt for dairy milk alternatives.

As per the research, there is a significant fall in the consumption of milk and milk-based products in recent years. Most of the animal-based products get genetically mutilated which are proven harmful to our health.

One of the primary reason for such genetical mutilation is the hormones in milk which cause lactose intolerance and even cancer in some instances. This theory gets proven more strongly by seeing the growing statistical number of lactose intolerance among children and adults.

Why Should You Adopt Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet is popularly known as a plant-based diet where one needs to remove the dairy products, meat, eggs and animal products from their eating platter. There is an immense shift seen among people who are going vegan. It is not just an initiative to stop animal cruelty but also protecting your body from harmful products consisting of genetically modified hormones.

Too much-processed milk and synthesized poultry products are harming our body. Lactose intolerance, obesity, cancer, diabetes, cholesterol is some of the diseases our current generation are facing because of consuming animal-based products. Even many research shows that intake of animal-based products can make you more susceptible to life-threatening conditions compared to a vegan diet which is natural.

Best Milk Alternatives

Best Dairy Milk Alternatives

So, what is the next healthy alternative to milk?

Our body needs sufficient amount of Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D and healthy fats to go stronger. If you are lactose intolerant or looking for best milk alternative for weight loss, then we have listed down few healthy milk substitutes that are beneficial for the body.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is the best dairy alternative for a someone with lactose intolerance. It is one of the best milk alternatives for vegans as it takes care of the protein deficiency. Considered as the healthiest milk alternative, 8 ounces of soy milk contains only 4g fat and 105 calories.

Soy Milk

Soy contains hunger-fighting compounds making it is the best milk alternative for weight loss. If you are going for soy milk, go for non-flavored, unsweetened, fortified with vitamin D and calcium that will make bones stronger. Keep in mind that soy milk might be heavy to digest and can cause a gastric problem in some cases.

Almond Milk

If your choice of milk needs to be creamier, then Almond milk will work best for use. It is a lactose-free best tasting milk alternative which has a slightly nutty taste and works best with all kind of smoothies. Almond milk (8 ounces) contain 2.5 g fat and 70 calories.

Almond Milk

With that, you get a healthy dose of Vitamin E which helps regeneration of new cells. Making it an apt milk alternative for cereal in breakfast, you can consume almond milk without worrying about getting gastric pain or indigestion.

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

Mostly used in Asian cooking, coconut milk has a smooth texture and mild taste. Suitable milk alternatives for coffee, it contains a high number of medium triglycerides, it boosts metabolism and aid in weight loss. Coconut milk is also best for those who are lactose intolerant.

Rice Milk

Soaking organic rice and then blending it to a fine paste using water produces rice milk. It has a mild sweet taste and smooth texture. If you are looking for milk alternatives for toddlers, then rice milk will be the apt choice for you.

Rice Milk

Also, 8 ounces of rice milk contains 2g fat and 120 calories, contains minerals, Vitamin A and B12 which helps in boosting immunity among children. The only negative point about rice milk is it contains little amount of protein compared to other milk alternatives.

Hemp Milk

If you have an iron deficiency, then include hemp milk in daily diet. Hemp milk is a milk alternative consisting of hemp seeds and water. This milk alternative has rich, creamy taste and an excellent source of iron and omega-3 fatty acids.

Hemp Milk

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It is also an excellent nourishing supplement for those who feel tired and lethargic all the time. Hemp milk is readily available in the market. The non-flavored version contains 7g fat and 110 calories every 8 ounces.

Over to you!

With these dairy milk alternatives, you improve your health, strengthen the immune system, and reduce carbon footprint.Β Try any of the vegan based recipes with these dairy milk alternatives and lead a healthy and nourished life.

You will get all the essential nutrients without compromising on your health by opting for vegan milk alternatives.

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  1. Never tried hemp milk that is new to me. SOY MILK does have other negative connotations when consumed regularly… Such as hormonal changes in women hence I would recommend coconut milk and almond milk as suitable alternatives to dairy

  2. I did know about so many milk option other than the the first 2 – Soya and Almond. Then I realize after seeing ur blog on other options. Good work in putting up a blog

  3. Oh, I have tried almond milk and it is delicious, somehow I don’t like the taste of soy milk. I did not know there are so many options other than our regular milk πŸ™‚

  4. That’s so bitter truth about animals cruelty. I never know that milk can be so unsafe at some level. Though I don’t consume milk apart from tea. Love to try other alternatives you suggest. Rice milk is also available. Great to know

  5. That’s a detailed list of milk alternatives. People are shifting to vegan due to many reasons as you mentioned. This list can help them decide the milk alternative.

  6. Except for soy milk everything else is okay .Soymilk has controversial effects on our thyroid and can be tricky .Almond milk is a fave at home.

  7. Wow so many other milk options wwell i din know about hemp milk, my little one had soy milk when he was suffering from lactose milk intolerance!!!

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