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Beard care during house arrest

Men adore their beards as much as women love their long locks. Over the past few years, men have been more aware of the appearance and hygiene of the beard and gave more frequent trips to the salon to groom their beard. But because of the current situation, which demands minimum or no physical interaction with outsiders, visiting a salon seems like a risky step.  That’s the reason why we are seeing more men with shaggy hair and beard. While the unkempt beard doesn’t look good, it also becomes home to many bacteria and viruses. So what does one do? let us look at some Steps to maintain a hygienic and stunningly good-looking beard on your own. Let us do some beard care.

Wash at regular intervals

Use mild shampoo and conditioners enriched with essential oil, minerals, and proteins to wash your beard. Wash it 2-3 times a week. While frequent washing may dry out your skin, cleaning at regular intervals with harmless products strengthens hair follicles and keep the infections at bay.

Brush once or twice every day for beard care

Beard brushing improves the blood circulation near hair providing strength to the roots and helps you get rid of flaky dead skin. Brushing also prevents tangles, which is very common in people with a long beard. Include this in your beard care.

Get rid of dandruff

Lactic acid is a well-known ingredient to treat dandruff. And it is available in abundance in yogurt. You can apply a yogurt mask for 15 minutes and rinse it off to remove dandruff. If you hate the smell or texture of yogurt, you can go for products containing lactic acid. But if you feel the slightest irritation while using these products, stop using them and see your doctor.

Moisturize regularly

You can easily find beard oil online or at your nearest retail store. Use it to moisturize your beard. Proper moisturization prevents your skin from drying out by providing enough hydration at the roots of your beard.

Trim regularly for beard care

You simply can’t skip trimming your beard, thinking that nobody is noticing you when working remotely. You may have to answer a surprise video call with your client, and you may not want to look like a man who has just returned from the wilds after thousands of years. So, try to look presentable all the time. Take the help of YouTube channels to learn trimming techniques. include this also in your beard care.

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