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A honest Food review of Meraki – Kharghar

Meraki – Kharghar serves Chinese, Burmese and Thai food in Kharghar. It has managed to pull good crowd over the weeks asking for home deliveries. They have a small seating and mostly deliver at home. We decided to check the food and also check the service. So after browsing through their menu I ordered a few things and this is my experience. The Meraki menu is simple yet comprehensive. Please don’t mind the blurred images. The shaking hands were not because of age but because of Hunger.. :p

Meraki - Kharghar


We ordered Prawns sizzling Chilli paprika and Teriyaki Chicken in the Appetizers section since I wanted to see the Prawns and chicken preparations. I also ordered some Chicken Nasi Goreng Rice and Chicken Malaysian Noodles in the main course. As a side dish I ordered one Chicken Black pepper Gravy though it is not paired with what I ordered with the main course. I also called for some Honey Noodles with Ice cream in Desserts. The packing is awesome.

Food review:

Now coming to the food eating experience: The Prawns sizzling Chilli paprika has to have less of the garlic and maybe some fish sauce added so that the mild prawn aroma stays. I had a feeling that the same preparation for Chicken was used for the prawns thus making it flat. I was not very happy eating that. But all my sadness on the first appetizer turned into a smile when I tasted the Teriyaki Chicken. It was done almost perfect. The taste, the aroma and most importantly the glaze was up to the mark. Neither left undone nor overdone, this will definitely be the one dish I would recommend to one and all who eat non-veg. The quantity matches the price.

Meraki - Kharghar Meraki - Kharghar

Coming to the main course, the rice and noodles were good. The noodles are perfectly done and the chicken pieces are ample. The prawn pieces don’t overpower the aroma of the dish and are subtle. The green onion too is in apt quantity and does not boss around. The omelet should be ideally rolled up and then sliced crossways. I felt that the egg was beaten and scrambled to be added to the rice. The chef can please note this and try to move towards the authentic recipe a bit. Overall the quantity is definitely good enough for two and well balanced.

The Chicken Malaysian was perfectly done and the flat noodles definitely give quantum and depth to the dish. Again the quantity is for 2 people easily. The rice and Noodles, both definitely recommended.

Meraki - Kharghar Meraki - KhargharThe Chicken black pepper gravy is okay. If chef could use chicken breasts strips instead of what he has used in this gravy, it would become more authentic. Overall it is an okay dish.

Meraki - KhargharDessert Review:

The Dessert was Honey noodles with Ice cream. Here again I would want to tell the chef to use honey and sugar in the proportion of 1:2. I felt the Sugar syrup was more and the honey was almost negligible. The honey stops the sugar from hitting the tongue as too sweet with its rich depth and controlled sweetness. The whole idea of adding honey is to reduce the excess sweetness due to the sugar. But this is one dessert which all would like, so recommended.

Meraki - KhargharService Time  

The order arrived before the committed time, and I was impressed with the outlets speed. The delivery person was polite and explained what he was delivering with the customary greetings.

Plus and Minus

Like I always say, as a Food blogger and chef, I am choosy about the food and look at all aspects when the end product is served. I always look at bettering the dish and the menu further to the point of perfection. Having said that I would definitely give a 4.5/5 for service and 4.0/5 for the food. I will give the extra 0.5 for the quantity as I was pleased with what was served. This is definitely one place I would recommend for people who need ample quantity of food almost every day. Total value for money…and more

Address: Meraki, 16, Balaji Aangan, 1, Near NIFT College, Sector 3, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Meal For 2: 600/-

Timings: 12.00 noon to 3.30 pm & 7.00 pm to Midnight

Ratings: Food 4.5 Service 4.5 Value for money 4.5 Overall 4.5

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23 thoughts on “A honest Food review of Meraki – Kharghar

  1. While I admit I’ve never seen the place, the variety of options strike me as something more than what regular small joints have, right?

    Nasi goreng, the prawn paprika the dessert… These are some dishes that suggest a chef with a good talent

  2. In my family, we are a big fan of Chinese and Thai. But never tried Burmese exactly. The pictures look heavenly and I am feeling hungry looking at them.

  3. Chicken Teriyaki is a favourite .I could taste it from your description.I thinknthecplace looks like great value for minet.Loved the review.Outstanding

  4. Wow have not been to Khargar in years wow looks like a great place. Indo Chinese is always tricky balance of flavours. Too much garlic soya sauce or sugar can change the taste. The packaging looks sturdy and I am liking the quantity too. Must say the chicken teriyaki is making. E hungry

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