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What is future of leisure travel in 2021?

We all were packed inside our houses for months as the number of COVID cases kept rising. Work from home, lockdown, and lack of physical meetings has increased everyone’s desire to go outside. The hunger for travel is at the peak, and finally, there is some good for travelers as lockdown has lifted up. The complete picture of traveling has changed post-COVID due to the demand for hygiene and safety. One who is traveling must be aware of do’s and don’t while going on vacations post-COVID. Let us try to understand why the future of leisure travel is going to so bright in 2021.

Leisure Travel

Prime reasons

  • ‘Break’ time: Due to lockdown for months, we were deprived of breaks, so now traveling is going to be the first choice for everyone. This 2021 traveling trend will be on top for young couples. Couples who were eager to take a break are just ready to spend ‘Us time’ with their partners away from home. Many of the people are choosing long weekend breaks as now we have adapted ourselves to the new normal. Youngsters of 20-30 age are ready to pack their bags for the first-holiday post the lockdown.
  • Fun and enjoyment:  COVID pandemic has been hectic for many of us as we were working from home. Our personal and professional life was highly unbalanced. With the comeback of leisure travel, we all are ready for a much-deserved break.      
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Other reasons

  • Discounts:  Travelers are being offered trips with complete safety, booking options, and payment flexibility. The demand for traveling has increased due to huge offers and discounts of hotels and other accommodations. Hotels and resorts are offering discounts on dining, complimentary offers, safe pickup and drop facilities for attracting travelers.
  •  Weekends and holidays: Christmas and new-year holiday trips are being searched more by travelers. Many are searching for short-term holidays, road trips, and close to home destinations to reduce the chances of risk. Weekend getaways, staycations, and daycations are in trend as travelers don’t spend too much time and money due to COVID uncertainty.


If you are to travel outside, choose the hotel with the highest safety and hygiene. Consider your safety as the top priority. Avoid traveling if you are unwell or have any symptoms. Eat healthy even when you are outside and follow all the safety norms. Enjoy the shining moments with your loved ones but with utmost care.

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