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Wake up to a Gold Morning

The date was 12th Jan, 2016. It was the typical, usual morning, which turned out to be a Good Morning and then went on to become a Gold morning. 😊

A day earlier: I had got up around 6.30 am, lazed for a long time and walked into my bathroom for a quick shower. I picked up my toothpaste and brushed my teeth with half sleepy eyes.

12th Jan,2016: At around same time, I was still in bed, lazing and the bell starts ringing. The bell rings the third time and I drag myself out of the bed.  I open the door to find a young man holding a big brown box in hand and smiling at me. He tells me that he is from Colgate and has come to make my morning special. He hands over the box to me and automatically my face lights up. I smile back, chat with him for a while and thank him for the early morning surprise. I open the box once the gentleman has left and surprised to see this:

Colgate 3

I smile once again and my ordinary morning is now a Good morning. 😊 I immediately took out the Colgate 360°Charcoal GOLD  Toothbrush and brushed my teeth. The Grip, the comfort and the overall feeling was great. I looked at myself in the mirror above my wash-basin and smiled while brushing. My good morning was already turning into a Gold Morning. 😃

Colgate 4

A day earlier: I went to the kitchen and made myself a glass of milk added with my protein powder and drank it in a haste to go to the gym.

12th Jan,2016: I went to the kitchen with a smiling face and made my protein shake. I sat at the dining table, switched on the TV and hummed a few songs as they played and had my shake (which i had poured in the Gold MUG) with a smile. This morning was definitely turning out to be a Gold Morning.😆 I picked up the Gym bag which wife had kept ready by then and left for the gym.

Colgate 5

A day earlier: I had walked into the gym, did my regular exercise with a hello to a few in between and left after a tiring workout session.😫

12th Jan,2016: I walked into the Gym smiling and waved 👋 to all the known faces. Gym mates actually looked at me first with surprise and then returned a broad smile. I was already feeling so happy. After the workout I reached out for the sipper and was happy yet again, My wife had put the sipper in the bag without telling me.

Colgate 6

My good mornings from now on had indeed become #Colgate360GoldMornings.

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