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Vegetable Cutlet


Pressure cook potato in a vessel and other chopped veggies together in another vessel for three whistles.

Just sprinkle a teaspoon of water in the chopped veggies. Keep aside.

For potato just cut into 4 and add little water.

Peel off the skin and mash the potato and add other veggies to it. Make sure there is no water.

Tear the bread pieces and crumble it by grinding in a mixer.

Add it to the veggies along with garam masala,red chilli,salt and coriander leaves and mix together.

Make a thick paste(like idly dosa batter consistency) out of maida and water.

Make equal and desired shapes out of the veggies and set aside.

Dip it in the maida paste and quickly take it out and coat both sides with the bread crumbs.

If you are pan frying then just drizzle with some oil over a hot non stick pan and cook in a medium flame both sides,until crisp.

Enjoy hot with tomato sauce/ketchup with tea/coffee/cool drinks. .

Please note:

1) Adding cauliflower gives nice flavour to the cutlets and adding beetroot will give nice colour.

2) Deep frying gives a good look with even cooking of the outer layer, but a strict no-no for fitness concious people.

3) You can add gram flour in place of the bread crumbs in the mixing part along with the veggies. But for coating dry bread crumbs are best.

4) You can make bread crumbs by sun drying bread for some time until it turns crisp and powder in a mixer. Also you can try micro waving the bread slices.

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