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Types of Hats to wear while going for a Brunch out.

Going out with our friends and family for brunch feels refreshing.  While we are excited about our get together around the table, one-factor that goes unnoticed could do significant harm to us.  Brunch time is the time when the sun is scorching hot. If our skin comes in contact with the rays emitted by the sun, it may get damaged. To prevent such problems, we need a weapon. Don’t worry, not the one you are thinking. It’s a style accessory that you are going to love and appreciate. To prevent your skin from direct sun rays, you can wear a hat. Or should I say, Hats to wear? Happy now? Yes, you are.

The hat adds an essence to your overall look. Even if the sun isn’t harsh, you can wear it to reflect your style. There are a variety of hats from which you can choose your favorite one.

Sun Hats

Now this is the one if you are looking for a hat that provides sun protection. The hat comes with a bigger brim and hence it shields your face from UV rays. And it looks cool with almost all casual wears.

Beach Fedora

Cowboy Hats

Girls are in love with cowboy looks. Jeans, boots and a cowboy hat makes a perfect combination. With this combination, you look like a boss woman.

Garden Hat

Cloche Hat

A small brim hat that is super comfy and it could also be modified according to the occasion. You can tie a ribbon around its neck while going for a casual hangout or you can wear a simple one with formals.

BEach Hat


If the weather is colder, this is the right pick for you. Besides keeping you warm, it gives you a chic look. A shirt or top, a scarf around the neck, jeans and the beanie makes you look hot in freezing winter.

Hats to wear


Fashion lovers revere this hat. You can pair this with any attire.

Fedora Hat

So what are your thoughts about the Changing fashion Trends and various hats to wear?

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