Top affordable tourist destinations for Indians
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Top affordable Tourist destinations for Indians

Top affordable tourist destinations for Indians

 It is our second nature to stay on a “budget”, as Indians since most of us are born and brought up in families that function that way! So, while all of us want to explore the nations, abroad, we still want to do it in the most feasible way possible. On that note, let us get to know some of the Top affordable Tourist destinations for Indians…

 #1 Sri Lanka

One of the nearest neighboring countries to India, Sri Lanka happens to be among the best vacation destinations in the world. While the beautiful scenes, pleasant atmosphere and some of the top-notch resorts. Indians would feel very much at home in Sri Lanka.

Major Spots to travel: Best places to visit comprise of Colombo, Kandy, and Bentota.

Some prominent world legacy locales worth visiting are the Temple of Tooth Relic, drifting or angling on the Lake Gregory, tea plantations, Seetha Eliya garden, and sanctuary from the celebrated Hindu epic Ramayana, turtle incubation facility and so on. Enjoy shopping at markets like Odel and Majestic city.

Tips to note: For visiting adjacent spots utilize local transport which is modest as well as helps you to explore the outside magnificence.

Top affordable tourist destinations for Indians

#2 Nepal

Nepal is genuinely an enjoyable destination for those seeking peace, hikers and in fact all types of travelers as it is among the least expensive global goals from India.

Spots to visit: Nagarkot, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Pokhara

Things to see: Devi falls, Chasm of Seti waterway,  Bindabasini Temple, the Old Bazaar of Pokhara

Tips to note: Nepal is known for its craftsmanship and conventional fabrics so, do not forget to acquire these from the nearby local markets.

Top affordable tourist destinations for Indians

#3 Bhutan

The best place to be for some peace, calm and serenity. Bhutan stands out amongst the least expensive nations to visit from India. Bhutan is known for its natural magnificence, Buddhist monasteries and of unexplored landscapes.

Spots to visit: Best places to visit include Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Haa Valley, Monasteries, sanctuaries, National Memorial Chorten, Takin Zoo and Folk Heritage Museum.

Tips to note: Best approach to travel around economically by means of contracted autos.

Top affordable tourist destinations for Indians

#4 Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its rich social legacy, nature tourism, volcano tours etc.

Spots to visit: Bali, Java, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Sumatra. Enjoy cycling, Spa therapy at spots like Anika spa. Also, indulge in some water sports.

Tips to note: Enjoy lots of tropical fruits and fresh coconut water. There are some great local restaurants for vegans, out there.

Top affordable tourist destinations for Indians

#5 Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its turquoise waters and charming atmosphere that is why it is a must in the list of Indian vacationer goals, Malaysia has effectively turned into a noteworthy travel destination in South-East Asia.

Spots to visit: Must visit places are: Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Pangkor, Redang Island. Pay a visit to Chinatown Trishaw night, Batu Caves and sanctuary, Petronas Towers and attempt to get a multi-day visit to Elephant Orphanage.

Tips to note: In Malaysia, the Muslim religion is followed, therefore, drinking is limited.

Top affordable tourist destinations for IndiansConclusion

So, this our some of the affordable tourist destinations that we recommend you to visit. Have you been to any of these? We would really love to know what places to visit apart from the ones we have visited.

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  1. Oh, you listed great destinations and Srilanka and Indonesia are so must in my list from so many years …now I need to complete my list soon. Thanks for sharing this travel guide.

  2. Thanks for sharing the list of beautiful countries around us, i’ve completed half of them now just have to visit the rest..

  3. I was in Bali recently and it was one of the best holidays I have ever had.
    It’s a completely different and unexpected culture, which is so heavily influenced by Hinduism. Truly a Home away from Home

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